A Huge Hole Has Mysteriously Appeared On An Uncharted Island In Sea Of Thieves

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In this article, we will be discussing this mysterious hole that has just appeared on an uncharted island. It seems to have arrived in the latest update. Before checking this article out make sure you have checked our latest blogs!

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Screenshot

In the most recent update, Black Powder Stashes, which arrived yesterday the mysterious hole was spotted on an uncharted island. The island in question is located on the border of map coordinates I-12 and J-12, unofficially called “Killer Whale Island” due to the wreck of Merrick’s ship, The Killer Whale. This island already has some cool little features such as the shipwreck, an underwater shrine and archway, a cave, and Merrick’s amusing journal.

But, what does this all mean? well, there some theories suggesting that it has something to do with the upcoming update ‘Dark Relics’. However, it could just be the developers getting people thinking. The most logical reason is probably something to do with a future update. 

Mysterious Hole

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