A Noob’s Guide to League of Legends

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noobs guide to league of legends

A Noob's Guide to League of Legends

In this article we will be giving you a noob’s guide to league of legends. This will cover the basics in league of legends, the easiest champs to play and how to play the game without totally sucking.

League Of Legends
League Of Legends
A Noob's Guide To League Of Legends 7

League Of Legends

The Basics

League of Legends has so much information, it can be a lot to take in at first. The most important step to been able to play league properly is playing as a champion that fits your play style. There are lots of different types, there are tanks, mages, marksman’s, assassins, bruisers and supports. Each type of champion will fit a certain lane of which there are three; top, middle and bottom which are referred to as top, mid and bot.

So there are 3 lanes and a jungle. Top lane is mainly bruisers, assassins or tanks.

Mid lane is mainly mages and assassins.

Bot lane has 2 champions in the lane unlike the other solo lanes. One champion is usually a marksman or with sometimes in a broken meta maybe a mage or assassin. The other champion in bot lane should always be a support champ. Jungle can be played by almost any champion style, however the most popular are assassins.

To find out what play style you like, you will have to try different types in multiple games to truly find which you enjoy the most. This process can take time and you might play the wrong champions.

League Of Legends
League of Legends Champions List

League Of Legends

The Champions to Play

There are so many different champions to play in league and some champions are super hard to understand for a noob player. We will give you our recommended noob champs to play in each role.

League Of Legends


This guy is the original noob champion of league of legends. Garen is used in the top lane. Most gamers believe he is the easiest champion to play, he’s a tank that never dies and when you think he is about to die he can run out of combat for a few seconds and regenerate all of his health back. Garen can do a huge amount of damage if played correctly.

Garen’s skills are easy to understand, his Q grants him movement speed and his next auto attack will be empowered and silence his enemy from using any of their abilities for 1.5 seconds.

His W passive grants him armour and magic resistance every time he kills a unit. The W active reduces incoming damage by 60% and has 60% tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds. For the rest of the duration Garen reduces incoming damage by 30%.

His E is a spinning attack that deal AOE damage. His R is a point and click ability that deals percentage health to the enemy, so the lower the health of the enemy the more damage is dealt. If the enemy is the villain the damage dealt by Garen is dealt in true damage.

To play Garen engage with Q and E after to do most dmg. Once past level 6 use R after E has finished. You can also use Q to escape. Use W when enemies are fulling going in, this will help you stay alive. We recommend checking out – https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Garen For what to build and what runes to pick we recommend –https://u.gg/lol/champions/garen/build

League Of Legends

League Of Legends


This lady is for sure one of the biggest noob champions and performs best in mid lane. However Annie when played correctly can delete any ADC and depending on how fed Annie is she can one shot tanks.

Annies passive ‘Pyromania’ allows Annie to gain stacks for every spell she casts. Once she has reached 4 stacks her next damage ability will stun the enemy. Her passive is the key reason she can delete champions.                 

Q ability is ‘Disintegrate’ , which when used Annie throws a fire ball at the enemy selected. If it kills the enemy the mana cost is refunded and the cool-down time is reduced by 50%. 

W ability is ‘Incinerate’ which when activated Annie deals AOE damage.

E ability is ‘Molten Shield’ when activated Annie puts a fire shield on herself and Tibbers which reduces damage taken for 3 seconds and if she attacked with a basic attack in this time the enemy is dealt damage.

R ability is ‘Tibbers’, when activated Annie summons Tibbers. Tibbers is a controllable pet for Annie which can deal damage. Tibbers will stay for 45 seconds unless killed.   

The best way to play Annie, is to stack up her passive and stun the enemy, once the enemy is stunned summon Tibbers and use all abilities.

For more information on Annie – Click here.

For Annie build – Click here. 

League Of Legends

League Of Legends


This badass is most likely the first champion you will ever play, she is a marksman champion who uses her range and slows combat to her advantages.

Her passive is ‘Frost Shot’ this passive applies frost to Ashe’s basic attacks and abilities which slows enemies. This champion’s second passive is ‘Critical Slow’, which doubles the strength of frost when she lands a critical strike, however there is no bonus critical strike damage. Ashe’s passive is what allows her to kite and also chase enemies with the range and slows.

Q ability is ‘Ranger’s Focus’ this is activated by Ashe hitting 4 basic attacks which allows Q to be activated. Once initiated Ashe gains attack speed and damage and fires 3 arrows each auto attack.

W ability is ‘Volley’, once activated Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone spread which deals AOE damage.

E ability is ‘Hawkshot’, when activated Ashe sends a hawk out which shows vision of where it passes.

R ability is ‘Enchanted Crystal Arrow’, this is Ashe’s ultimate. It’s a missile she sends out in the direction aimed, it travels across the full map until hitting a champion. If it hits a champion it stuns the champion for 1-3 seconds depending on the distance travelled.

When playing Ashe we recommend poking with basic attacks and stack up Q to activate it. Use R to stun enemies when going into a fight or to help a team mate fighting. Make use of Ashe’s range to your advantage and stay behind your support or a tank.

For more information on Ashe – https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ashe For Ashe build – https://u.gg/lol/champions/ashe/build

League Of Legends

League Of Legends


When it comes to support champions Soraka is a champion that perma heals the full team. The later the game goes on for, the better and stronger she gets. This champion can make sure that her team never dies if played correctly.

This champion’s passive is ‘Salvation’, which grants Soraka 70% movement speed when moving towards allied champions that are below 40% health.

Q is ‘Starcall’, this ability is a star that is called down by Soraka in the area that it is aimed. If it hits an enemy champion it deal magic damage and slows them. Soraka also gains health and movement speed if skill shot is landed.

W is ‘Astral Infusion’, which when used Soraka heals an allied champion. This ability causes Soraka to sacrifice a small percentage of her health to heal other champions 

E is ‘Equinox’, when used Soraka places a zone that deals damage to enemies that are initially in it and silences them. If the enemies stay in the zone for longer than 1.5 seconds they are rooted for a short moment of time.

R is ‘Wish’, this is Soraka’s ultimate. when activated it heals all allied champions that are alive on the map. If the ally is under 40% health the heal is increased by 50%.

When playing Soraka we recommend poking with Q and E in lane phase and healing teammates with W whenever it is needed. In team fights always use R to give your team the upper hand.

For more information – Click here.

For Soraka build – Click here.

League Of Legends

League Of Legends

Beginner's guide by Commander Yi

Beginner’s Guide by Commando YI

Hopefully this noob’s guide was helpful to you guys, watch this space for more guides which will also include the ‘Advanced Guide to League of Legends’. In this next guide we will talk about more complex champions, lane phase, farming and the jungle role.? Go click on the link below and download League of Legends now!

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