What do we do?

Here at Glitchtech we are here to build your next Gaming rig! The gaming industry has never been bigger and the tech industry are releasing new graphics cards and processors faster than ever so surely that’s great right? If you’re a computer genius you can build your own rig and customise and configure every detail! If you’re not a computer genius you’re gonna need a pre-built option and this can be equally as daunting and expensive!

Don’t beat yourself up though if you’re too busy with your real job and real life to study the differences between millions of different configurations of parts and peripherals, that’s what we’re here for!

Our Mission

We are Glitchtech and we are here to build your next Gaming machine. Our mission is to put a gaming PC in every home! It seems like consoles are getting more powerful whilst gaming machines are getting more expensive, well we’re here to change that and to ultimately bridge the gap. Between the low costs of a console and the infinite possibilities and upgradability of a PC Gaming machine. We are Glitchtech and we are here to design, build and continually support you and your new rig. Go check out our range now!

History Of Us

We are Glitchtech and we are here to build your next Gaming machine!? We are a team of Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Computer Technicians who have worked in the I.T industry for over two decades. We are self confessed computer nerds and love nothing more than the joys of a high end Gaming rig can bring, for example, high-end gaming, coding and most of all cat videos.

Glitchtech was born out of frustration, unsatisfied by the monotony of our days jobs and driven by our mutual desire to make our love of Gaming and passion for building High end gaming rigs for the best price possible known. Not content with with our day jobs of repairing dusty computers or designing yet another dog grooming website we decided to create a new company that gave the public truly amazing gaming machines at down to earth prices.