After 2 Years ‘Oxygen Not Included’ leaves Early Access!

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Oxygen Not Included

After 2 Years 'Oxygen Not Included' leaves Early Access!

In this article, we will be discussing and reviewing ‘Oxygen Not Included’. It has recently just left early access which is a big moment for this game as it is fully finished. Before reading this awesome blog, did you know we post articles and blogs regularly full of amazing content? Go check them out for yourself! 

Oxygen Not Included

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Oxygen Not Included

Klei’s sci-fi survival sim Oxygen Not Included entered Early Access in February of 2017, and after 2 long years, it has finally left early access. Least it wasn’t like ‘Dayz Standalone’. If you have been waiting to play a simulation of stranded “Duplicants” crafting a colony from scratch on unforgivingly harsh asteroids, now is the perfect time to start. Most early access bugs have been removed. Now that the game is stable you should rarely find any problems with this great game.

Gameplay Screenshot

Klei’s forum post sums up how far it’s come: “We started with a game that had little more than a few Duplicants and some pipes full of cold water. Since then we’ve added oil biomes and automation, Duplicant skill progression and tubes to zip around in, critter ranching and breeding, and more features than could possibly be named. Now Duplicants can even break through the surface of their rocky home and escape away into space… with your guidance, of course.”

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Oxygen Not Included
Oxygen Not Included [Official Launch Trailer]

Where Can I Buy ‘Oxygen Not Included’?

You can purchase Oxygen Not Included on the Steam Store. If you want to purchase this game now press the button below! It is currently on sale. It currently costs £12.72 which is 33% off its orginal price of £18.99. So go grab this epic deal while you can!

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