Alien Invasion In Los Santos!

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Recently in Grand Theft Auto Online, factions of Green and Purple Aliens have appeared all over the city, locked in an ongoing conflict. If you’ve jumped into a session over the last few days, you may have stumbled across scenes like this:

Green Aliens in an Ambulance

Gangs of these Aliens have been warring on the streets of Los Santos, terrorising the locals, and eliminating players with advanced weapons known as ‘Baseball Bats’.

Players have been actively hunting down members of the opposite group, going from 1-on-1 combat to an entire server sized battles with matching coloured Insurgents on the ground and flying saucer Deluxos in the air.

Green Aliens in a Deluxo

Speaking of flying saucers, ‘abductions’ have been taking place, nothing as fancy as beams of light coming down from the sky, just Aliens forcing players into heavily customised alien vehicles at gunpoint and driving them around for a while. However, a resistance faction has rallied it’s forces to combat the extra-terrestrial scourge, the Republican Space Rangers have joined the battle to seek and destroy both Alien groups.

Alien Street Crime

Now you know the background of the conflict, pick a side, throw on a suit and join the battle!

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