Announcement: Glitchtech eSports

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We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the Glitchtech brand. Yes, that’s right! We’re currently underway on constructing our very own eSports website. What does this mean? Well we’re pleased to bring the news to our fanbase that from this point on we will be offering a full fledged eSports service. The website will be at the following link:
Glitchtech eSports will operate under its very own name, website and social media handles. The website will be displaying the latest eSports related news such as tournaments, eSports related announcements, game updates and others that are related to this style of content.

We are currently recruiting for our teams. The current teams that we’re recruiting for are the Rainbow Six Siege roster, CS:GO roster & League of Legends roster. If you’re intersted in applying for a role on any of the named teams then please contact us via our telephone number or email adress.

Telephone: (01429) 806 180
Email: contact@glitchtechesports.com

What features will Glitchtech eSports have?

Glitchtech eSports will be directly linked to our streaming platforms. This means that there will be livestreams readily available on our site, you will be able to view them by navigating to the streaming page. You will also be able to view past streams and other videos.

We want the site to be focused on competitive gaming content. This means that any of our teams or affiliates will be posting regular content over on there. What does this mean for Glitchtech Gaming? Don’t worry! Glitchtech Gaming will be operating as usual with the same style of content. We’re just focusing our eSports content onto a different platform!

View our team rosters

In the future, as the site is still currently under construction, you will be able to head over to Glitchtech eSports to view our current team rosters and be able to see any games we currently compete in. If you want to join one of our rosters or you’re interested in setting up a new roster on the Glitchtech platform then do not hesitate to contact us. We also recruit via Seekteam.com as well so check us out on there!

Upcoming matches

Also you will be able to view the roadmap for the year in eSports on our site. This means that you will be able to view any current or upcoming compeititions that Glitchtech eSports are or will be competing in. You will be able to view the matches directly from the site or simply by navigating to our Twitch page. We will remain streaming on the same Twitch account as previous.

This part of the site will act as a hub for the Glitchtech eSports platform. This will unite the activity of all of our teams. We have big plans in place to compete across a multitude of different games and compeitions. We’re planning on having tryouts for our very own ametuer teams in the near future so if that interests you then please feel free to apply.

Featured players

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