Are You Ready For The Wild West In Fortnite?

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Are You Ready For The Wild West In Fortnite?

In Fortnite’s latest 10.00 update you will be taken back to the Wild West. Are you excited to get that victory royale in the Wild West? Be sure to check out our latest blogs!

Fortnite Season X Loading Screen Week 2
Fortnite Wild West

The harsh lands of Fortnite have been reverted all the way back to the Wild West. Tilted Town is an old Wild West settlement with its own set of rules to keep cowboys shooting.
Walkthrough the bubble and you will be taken back in time to a simpler time. NO harvesting, NO building, No fortifications, just sweet sweet killin! 

Fortnite 08.06.2019
Wild West

With this new update, there will be a new set of appropriate weapons for the Wild West. You’ll be able to find the double-barrel shotgun, six-shooter, hunting rifle, and infantry rifle. The update also introduces a new gun: the automatic sniper rifle, which can be found everywhere.

The map is constantly changing so expect to find some awesome changes. If you find anything amazing you can tag Glitchtechgaming in the post and we will give you a shoutout! 

Fortnite – Rift Zone – Tilted Town

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