Arma 3: GrandTheftArma, what is it?

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Arma 3

Arma 3 is undoubted, an amazing game. Even after all these years, it has a thriving multiplayer community. Calling it a single community is an understatement, it has many sub-communities all enjoying different aspects of the game and different genres of game mode. A fan favourite is Altis life. This is essentially GTA but within the Arma 3 game.

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 13

Altis life is a role-playing game mode in which players are able to do a range of tasks and missions on the island of Altis. Players can buy property, do different ‘runs’. Runs are essentially farming/ mining something, processing it and then selling it at a trader. People can do legal runs, such as copper, sugar and other things or they can endorse in a dark side of crime and become a criminal. Players have the opportunity to do illegal runs such as various drugs.

Basic Rules

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So when you’re playing on grandtheftarma, you will have to abide by the server rules. They’re pretty standard as for a role-playing server. So what can you do? You’re able to do a lot of things, but remember that everything you do must be within reason. You are unable to go and break rules and use role-play as an excuse. I will, in list form, show some of the rules below.

  1. You should value your life at all times. This means that if you are in a situation where someone initiates on you and you’re at a disadvantage, you should surrender and comply with their demands.
  2. You should not break roleplay in any way. The only exception is to help a new player if they are unaware of certain controls, in which case you may type the controls to them in direct or side chat.
  3. Vehicular Death Match, more commonly referred to as VDM, is defined as using your vehicle to purposely run into other vehicles or players with malicious intent. This is not allowed.
  4. Random Death Match, more commonly referred to as RDM, is defined as shooting at another player without any form of initiation, this is not allowed.

What’s it about?

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 15

GrandTheftArma is one of the highest-rated Altis life servers, with a hugely active and friendly community, this server really is the pinnacle of the game mode. It offers an astonishing amount of things to do, jam-packed with features and with massive active whitelisted factions such as the NHS for anyone who wants to be a medic and save people’s lives in the field, HATO for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a traffic officer? You can even become a member of the police or NATO.

What should I do?

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 16

So when you join the game and create whatever character you have decided on. You will have to roleplay them. So a good tip is to think of a backstory and then flesh it out as you go along. This will be the person you will be living on the island.

Before you indulge in the gameplay, however, make sure that you read the server rules over on their website here.

Once you have decided your role-playing backstory you are now free to choose your life on Altis. What will you be? Well everyone has to start somewhere. We recommend that players buy a backpack from the local market and then head out to the apple/ peach fields located near Kavala on the map. You can open up the in-game map by pressing M on the keyboard. You will be able to see the location of the fields there.

Now once you have traveled to the field and are at the harvesting location, press the Windows key and you will start to gather apples. This server, unlike others, doesn’t require you to buy special equipment for harvesting certain products. (You will, however, have to buy licenses to process certain items.)

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 17

Once you have started to gather the apples, you will receive a small XP bonus, this will slowly level you up. When you start to get money and XP you can buy a car. You can then go back to Kavala and go to the licensing agency and purchase a licence for Copper mining. You will then be able to drive to the copper mine and repeat the same process but this time once you have collected copper ore, you will have to process it.

Navigate on your map to the copper processor and then process your copper. Once you have processed all of the copper that you have mined you can go to the copper trader and sell it for cash and you will also receive XP. Each time you do this you will become richer and gain a higher level.

Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 18

Once you have reached a high enough level you can decide whether you want to continue with legal activities or become a rebel and start doing illegal drug runs.

Be careful however, there are always criminals out there that are willing to rob you at any time! You may want to purchase a firearms licence from the listening agency and then go to the gun shop and buy a legal firearm.

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 19

Now that you have protection, you may want to think about starting a gang. There are many benefits to a gang, the obvious one being safety in numbers. You are also able to tax the other members of your gang on any runs that they do so that your gang receives a small bonus.

You can then decide if you want to participate in the conflict zones, start capturing Ghost Hotel or rob the various banks such as the Nechori bank. These zones allow your gang to receive higher paychecks and also XP every 5 minutes. Other gangs will attempt to capture these areas as well so be wary.

Gangs, Rebels & Money

Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 20

So, you’ve picked apples to gain some XP, you’ve gotten your copper license and you’re starting to feel a bit more at home on Altis. Well, there are a few things that you should know!

There are gangs on the island, as previously mentioned. These gangs will be making their money in a variety of ways. A lot of them could be in direct competition with you and they will be your biggest worry, barring NATO and the police.

What threat do these gangs pose? Well, you should know that people get robbed on the island regularly. There are some notable locations that you will be visiting if you want to be successful. Firstly, after you have gained enough experience to be level 5 and you manage to get the funds of £2,000,000. You can now make your way to the ‘Rebel Outpost’ there are 3 of these scattered around the island. 1 in the North of the map, 1 in the North West and another in the South West.

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 21

You can purchase your Rebel License from these locations and once you have this you are now able to purchase Rebel gear from the outposts. You are also now able to purchase ‘illegal licenses’. This means that you can go to illegal processors, gatherers and traders. These include but are not limited to; Ketamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy. You can gather these at their designated locations on the map, process them and then sell them at the drug dealer.

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 22

Be careful however, once you have sold to the drug dealer you will have a lot of cash on you and you will become a target for the police and other rebels.

Make sure you have a few friends with you that are able to protect you or maybe try and do the run at a quieter time where you will not be as much as a target. If you make it to an ATM then bank your cash immediately, then put your vehicle into the garage.

Rebels, Insurgents & Government

You will encounter a lot of different people on the island. A lot of them will be civilians, who work regular legal jobs that you may have done yourself previously such as Copper, Salt, Sugar, Peaches. Others will be government workers; NHS, HATO, Police & NATO.

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Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 23

These factions all have different rules that apply to their engagement with you and your engagement with them, to avoid getting deported from the island make sure that you read the server rules and each of the faction handbooks by visiting www.grandtheftarma.com.

Other people you will encounter will be Rebels or Insurgents. What is the difference between these 2? Well rebels are a lot more common, the requirements to be a rebel are to be level 5 and the license will set you back £2,000,000. Rebels are able to purchase regular rebel gear from the outposts. They’re also able to purchase illegal licenses, rebels are able to purchase handcuffs and other illegal items, you are also able to restrain people (as long as you are in possession of handcuffs) and rob them. Rebels are able to purchase vehicles from the outposts such as certain helicopters and trucks.

Being a rebel is a requirement to join most gangs on the island, but don’t worry it is not that hard to get to. So what is an insurgent? Well, an insurgent is the next step on from a rebel. They’re usually more experienced than most regular players and you should expect them to be better at combat and roleplay, they have more features available to them than the regualr rebesl such as; they’re able to restrain people without handcuffs, they’re able to take items directly from a players inventory, they have access to MRAP veichles. Such as; the Ifrtit, Quilin, Hunter, Strider.

Inusrgents Have Access To Better Gear Such As Higher Caliber Weapons And More Advanced, Sturdy Armour.
Arma 3: Grandtheftarma, What Is It? 24

Insurgents also have access to higher caliber weapons such as the 7.62 rifles. They also have access to better armor and equipment that allows them to see CCTV terminals and a person’s address. Insurgents are the people that you should be most wary of around the island but do not fear, they’re usually focused on taking down the best gangs, winning conflict zones and doing big drug runs.

If you would like to join the server, visit their website for details here.

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