Nvidia calls for gamers to help in the fight against COVID-19

You may have heard in recent news about the global pandemic that is COVID-19, known by its more popular name of the novel coronavirus. What is the coronavirus? Well to spare the details and risk being too vague as this is a gaming blog and not a science one, coronavirus is a family of viruses […]

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA.


Intro What is GrandTheftArmA? GrandTheftArmA is an Altis life server for the game Arma 3. Altis life is a role-playing game mode, where players take the role of a fictional character that they have created. GrandTheftArmA, formally known as, ‘GrandTheftAltis’, is a play on words for the Grand Theft Auto series. The reason for this […]

Free Games This Week

This week’s free games for February 1st on Epic Games store are: Farming Simulator 2019 Whilst we’re pretty sure this game doesn’t really need explaining too much… This title is literally what it says on the tin. It’s a farming simulator. In recent years there has been a massive boom within the simulator genre, everything […]

Top 10 Gaming Mice: January 2020

So it’s the new year, you’ve received a gaming PC as a present, you’re absolutely buzzing to become a pro player that you’ve always dreamed of being, what will you excel in? Fortnite, CS:GO, Modern Warfare or R6S? Well, slow down there! You will soon realise that the bog-standard computer peripherals that some of you […]

Top 10 Mods for The Witcher 3: Febuary 2020

With the recent release of Netflix’s The Witcher series, fans across the globe have returned to play the game, in fact, the game is currently more popular than it has ever been and recently hit 100k players, all playing at the same time over on the Steam platform. If you want to read the recent […]

The Skyrim Grandma Now Has Her Very Own Mod

Everyone knows the Skyrim Grandma! Known as Shirley Curry, she is 82 years old and is Skyrim’s number 1 fan! She plays the game every day and even streams it. She also has a massive YouTube channel with a lot of loyal followers go check here out now. She took the internet by storm in […]

Mods: Top 5 Minecraft Mods January 2020

We’re back! Kicking off the new year with a brand new game in our ‘Top Mods’ series. This year we’ll be doing a variety of new games. Any fan favourite games/ series we will make a regular thing. For example; our Top 5 on Skyrim and Fallout have been well received by you guys so […]

BeatSaber modder adds the song, ‘Toss a coin to your Witcher’

The internet has been blowing up recently! Among the terrible news of the apparent impending World War 3, there is some good news among the bitterness. Yes, that’s right! The Witcher related news. For those of you that aren’t up to scratch and haven’t been paying attention to literally anything at the current time, Netflix […]

How-to: Watch Disney+ if you’re in the UK.

Disney+ is the infamous streaming service that launched back in November 2019, the service was immediately available for the guys over the pond in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and weirdly, the Netherlands? You can see the frustration of this feature as many people across the world enjoy Disney, those from Asian countries, the […]

Arma 3: GrandTheftArma, what is it?

Arma 3 is undoubted, an amazing game. Even after all these years, it has a thriving multiplayer community. Calling it a single community is an understatement, it has many sub-communities all enjoying different aspects of the game and different genres of game mode. A fan favourite is Altis life. This is essentially GTA but within […]

Steam Winter Sale 2019

Steam is world-famous for its shockingly amazing sales. Multiple times a year, Steam’s user base is treated to jaw-dropping discounts on some of their favourite titles. Without a doubt, the Summer Sale is considered the darling of the community as it boasts some of the heaviest discounts on the biggest titles. However, that doesn’t mean […]

Mod of the Month: Minecraft

I’m looking to start a new series of articles, in which I look at a mod each month that I really like. This mod could be from any game at all and I will review it for you here and tell you about why I like it. This month’s mod is for the game Minecraft […]

Top 5 Upcoming Titles for 2020.

2019. What a year it has been for us gamers! Plagued with some of the biggest controversies the gaming community has ever seen and some of the biggest blunders and scandals, it’s fair to say it’s been a rough year for gamers. That’s not to say that we haven’t had our fair share of amazing […]

Epic Games: 12 Days of Christmas.

Stuck with nothing to play this holiday season? Well, have I got some great news for you! Hurry yourself over to the Epic Games store. Where they’re celebrating with 12 free games for gamers like you and me. This amazing deal will be running throughout Dec 19 till January 2020. You have no excuse to […]

Top 5 New Fallout 4 Mods Of 2019

Everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, Fallout! Well, Fallout 4 to be more specific. A fan favourite and an amazing game within its own right Fallout 4 is a classic at this point and is one of the most recognisable franchises within gaming. In Bethesda fashion, the game is also heavily moddable just like its predecessors […]