Project Scarlett

The new xbox, also known as the Project Scarlett was announced last Sunday at E3, but what do we know about it after the first

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Free Game

This weeks free game on Epic games!

Yet another free game this week from Epic to add to the ever increasing list of free games that they both given and will continue to give away throughout 2019!! Simply head over to Epic now and download and keep forever anytime before June 13th.

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Game Spotlight

Rex: Another Island free on Indiegala.

An open world adventure inspired by the classics. Get lost in a wide world of precarious platforming that will take you back to a simpler time… To claim this DRM free copy then simply head over to Indiegala and log in.

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Did you know?

The title kinda says it all really but yes we absolutely accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for all our gaming machines her at

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