Borderlands 2 Has Just Sold Another 2 Million Copies!!!

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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Has Just Sold Another 2 Million Copies!!!

Since May sales for Borderlands 2 have skyrocketed by 2 million. Borderlands 2 hasn’t disappointed over the past few years. We look forward to Borderlands 3 more and more every day. If you haven’t checked out our latest blogs I recommend you do!

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Borderlands 2

Since May Borderlands 2 has sold just over 2 million copies of the game. This is now 48 million copies sold across all games in the series. The publisher of Borderlands 2 has told investors ‘that it had beaten expectations and was rolling in dough like a feral hog in mud, despite the absence of big game launches so far this year.’
This is very impressive for a game that is 7 years old. The increase in sales is most likely due to the latest DLC for the game which is pre-sequel to Borderlands 3. This DLC was AWESOME, it really brought out the excitement for the new Borderlands. 


Borderlands 2 Dlc E3 2019 1136966
Borderlands 2

All this money generated from Borderlands 2 will hopefully get put into Borderlands 3 for the DLC’s that will drop throughout the upcoming years. The Borderlands series is so successful mainly because they listen to the fans and take feedback from us. We want it in the game, they will put it in the game. Now ask yourself, what other game does that? I can’t think of many. GTA Online is the only game that comes to mind. That is also why GTA Online is so successful as well. 

Where Can I Pick Up Borderlands?

You can pick up Borderlands 1,2 and the pre-sequel on Steam and Borderlands 3 you can pre-order on the Epic Games Store. If you want to purchase the games press the button below.

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