Bullet Time Across Video Games

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Bullet Time

Bullet Time Across Video Games

Made famous in the action genre by 1999’s The Matrix, bullet time has been a staple in a lot of action FPS games. Today we’ll have a lookback through some of the more prominent games bullet time features in.

Enter The Matrix (2003)

Enter The Matrix
Bullet Time Across Video Games 5

In Enter The Matrix, there was a slow-motion feature that could be used throughout the game, this could be used to help during combat for timing attacks, creating scenes from the movies while running across a wall, or used while shooting making it feel like you are truly part of The Matrix universe.

Superhot (2016)

Bullet Time Across Video Games 6

Superhot is a game based entirely in slow-motion, time only moves when you do. In the game you are tasked to move through different levels by killing enemies either using guns or melee attacks as they advanced towards you at extraordinarily slow rates. After completing each level, a replay is played in real-time, showing off your awesome action hero skills.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (2019)

Red Dead Redemption 2
Bullet Time Across Video Games 7

“Dead Eye” is the slow-motion mechanic used in both Red Dead Redemtion and Red Dead Redpemtion 2. Dead Eye is used to slow down combat which helps you mark critical points on enemies, and then fires all shots when time speeds back up, wiping out a large amount of enemies at once.

The Outer Worlds (2019)

The Outer Worlds
Bullet Time Across Video Games 8

The Outer Worlds uses “Tactical Time Dilation”. Similarities are drawn between The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas, as they were both developed by Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds works differently as it uses a slow-motion system compared to Fallout:NV’s V.A.T.S that uses an automatic aiming system. Tactical Time Dilation slows down time, but also highlights enemies weak points, and the potential effects such as stunning or blinding as well as scanning enemies to reveal their health and other information.

Bullet Time is a great idea taken from Hollywood and thrown into the gaming experience, giving the opportunity to create amazing set pieces for gamers at the push of a button.

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