Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Review

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Review

Just last night, Modern Warfare was released across all platforms on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is a alternate spin on the Modern Warfare series from Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare 3. The game takes place in the modern day (Obviously..)  throwing you straight into the perspective of 3 differrent characters. British Metropolitan police Sergeant Kyle Garrick, former British officer and now CIA agent Alex and Farah Karim, the leader of the rebel fighters. The campaign was so brutal in fact it has been banned from the Russian Playstation store!


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The game kicks of with the perspective Alex who is currently an acting CIA agent who is undercover in Russian territory. Your mission is to locate chemical weapons that are being produced at a factory in Russia. You are not permitted to fire on any Russian forces and are tasked with fighting your way through the factory which is currently occupied by terrorists.

You end up shooting the place up in tpyical COD fashion only to be shot at the end of the mission by Al-Quatar insergents, who are one of the main antagonist forces in this game. They end up stealing the gas from you and retreating. You are then tasked to locate and sieze the gas. This part of the game introduces you to Fara Karim, the rebellions leader against Al-Quatar. Her country is currently occupied by Russian forces under the command of a rogue Russian general.

Without spoiling the rest of the story, I’ll rap up the recap there. It’s time to get onto our opinioms on the campaign.


Captain. John Price

Call of Duty as a franchise is no stranger to contreversy as it has had it’s fair share of critics in the past, ranging from the media to angry and upset paretns of young children who think the game is too graphic and too gory. Although the game is rated 18.

So was this game any better? Well if you enjoyed Modern Warfare 2’s ‘No Russian’ mission then you will absolutely love this game. It has loads of controversial moments. Ranging from a homeland terrorist attack that happens in picadilyl square in London, that sees the player (Kyle Garrick) defend the citizens of London against Al-Quatar forces who are opening fire on civillians in the middle of the streets. To chemical nerve gas attacks on civillian populations in Uzikstan. 

There are many shocking moments in this game and in many instances this involves civillians and a lot of the time children being brutually murdered right before your eyes. Now I don\t want to spoil the whole plot for people too much by name dropping essential characters but if you play this game for yourself you will see in many missions children are laying dead on the streets and even being shot at during missions.


Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

So what overall rating would I give the game’s campaign? Well it’s pretty complicated. I like the fact that Infinity Ward have been ambitious this time around. They have dared to go that extra step further and showcase some brutal concepts that are loosely based on real world events. They have made a truly immersive campaign that intices you from the moment you begin playing.

However, the campaign is way too short in my opinion. It’s too short to make me care enough about a few of the charaacters and the only ones that I could truly empathise with was Fara Karim and her brother Hadir. Their brutal past being showcased in truly awesome fashion made me want to help their cause.

I enjoyed playing the missions that revolved around Fara and her family in Uzikstan. Her character was very well written and so was her brothers. She felt 3 dimensional. So what rating will I give the campaign overall? 7/10.

It has vastly improved on recent Call of Duty titles and truly deserves your attention. I think Infinity Ward has truly set a standard for COD games of the future.

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