Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: What you need to know before launch.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: What you need to know before launch

It’s that time of year again, that’s right, Call of Duty is nearing its annual release. With only 2 days to go everyone is impatiently preloading their copy of the game and anxiously waiting to play. So what are some good things to know about Modern Warfare before you can sink your teeth into it? Well loads of game changing news the likes that the COD franchsise has frankly never seen before has been announced in the recent days by Activison and Infinity ward, read on to find out more.

Battle Pass

Are Has Ditched The Classic 'Prestige' System And Has Instead Opted For A Fortnitesque Style Battle Pass System With Operator And Enlisted Ranks.

Activision has announced that Lootboxes have went the way of the dodo! That’s right no more RNG cash-grab money boxes infesting the series as there has been in recent titles. Activision and IW seem to have listened to the communities cries of anger and has opted for a premium battle pass system like PUBG and Fortnite.

What does this mean? Well IW have decided to ditch the classical ‘Prestige’ system in which players would grind through the ranks of the game and then essentialy hit a reset button on their progress in favour of getting a fancy new badge, alongside new calling cards, camos and other goodies. 

So what do we have in place instead of prestige? ‘Enlisted’ & ‘Officer’ ranks. Enlisted ranks will be from levels 1-55. All progress that you earn from grinding these ranks will not be lost like it would have been in previous games, instead once you reach enlisted rank 55, you will be able to progress through the operator ranks. Operator ranks are seasonal and are tied directly into the battle pass, think of this like how Fortnite battle pass levels work. Officer ranks can be progressed through by completing daily challenges and by earning XP throughout that season. You will be able to pickup cool looking emblems when you reach the higher officer ranks but unlike Fortnite each season will have unique collectables and cosmetics that you will be unable to recieve again once that season has ended.

Killstreaks, field upgrades, weapons and other functional aspects of the game will all be unlocked through progression within the enlisted ranks, this means the games RNG mechanics have completely been ditched.

Future Content/ Map DLC

3568195 3566212 Modern Warfare Slower Movement

In an unexpected turn of events Infinity ward has announced it’s plans for future content in Modern Warfare. They have said that they will be removing the season pass style system that recent Call of Duty titles have utitlised and instead will be releasing future maps, gamemodes and other content completely free of charge and if you thought that was good, at the same time across every platform! This means that everyone can play together and on equal playing ground, no doubt this feature complements the cross play that has been put into Modern Warfare. 

In Activisions attempts not to split the community we’re all going to be playing the same game at the same time, this may be partly due to the fact that Sony and Activisions long term exclusivity deal surrounding the Survival mode in Spec OPS was introduced. 

What does this mean for the next year of Call of Duty? Well we can only hope that it’s a posotive thing. Modern Warfare seems to be setting the bar high this year and hopefully Sledgehammer and Treyarch are taking note.

Content not being locked for other platforms and times of release coinsiding with each other is beneficial for the community as the player base will be more stable and people on one platform wont be getting shafted.

3581598 Crossplay

So what is our opinion? Well Modern Warfare certainly seems to have been recieved posotivly by a lot of people within the community, it’s a breath of fresh air in a market that is flooded by micro transactions and RNG game mechanics that are designed sololy to suck you dry of your hard earned cash. We’re happy to hear that all platforms will be recieveing future content at the same time and all content will be free of charge. The battle pass is a welcome addition and we think that it will work well just like it does in PUBG and Fortnite. However we are quite upset that Survival Mode has been locked to the PS4 for 1 whole year because of the Sony and Activison exclusivity deal. We understand that the deal exists and that something like this was inevitable but maybe 1-4 months instead of 12 months sounds more reasonable especially since Call of Duty titles usually see a peak lifespan of just 1 year.


So will you be picking this game up on October 25th? Have you already picked it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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