Is your computer running slow? Here’s how to service it!

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how to speed up your pc

So you’ve been using your gaming pc for a while now and it’s starting to run slower than usual. Your applications and games are taking a while to open and loading screens are getting longer. What’s wrong with your pc? Is it broke? Well most likely not. You may just have little free space left or you may be infected with malware. In this guide we will highlight some tips on how to get your computer running fast again.

Checking how much space you have

Check Your Disk Space
It is vital to check how much free space you have on your pc.

It is really important that your computer has enough free space. How will I run out of free space? Well everytime you download a program, files or any other data to your pc they will take up space. Usually this is managable as most modern computers will have a hard drive size of 1TB. Windows 10 will alert you to when you’re running out of free space as well.

Why is it important to keep free space? Well your computer can become clogged up with junk files and things called temp files. These are located in your temp folder and your precache folder. They effectively stop the computer from using RAM efficently. This means that the multitasking capability of the system is compromised and therefore the system will run slower. 

How do I get rid of these temp files and how do I clear up some space on my PC? You can use built in Windows software called ‘Disk optimiser’. This will do its best to remove unwanted junk and temporary files from your system and clear up some space. You can also use in conjunction with the disk optimiser a program called ‘disk defragmentor’. This is also a built in Windows application. The disk defragmentor will make all of your data contiguous and sort all of the data across different drive sectors. 


CCleaner is a free software utility that you can download to clear up space on your drive.

CCleaner is similar to the built in Windows ‘Disk Optimiser’. However it is a bit more advanced and does a ‘deeper clean’. It clears the registry files and the precache, all of your temp files & the recycle bin files. It also has the capabilities to clear your internet settings and any junk settings within programs that may be taking up space. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop create massive temp files when you open the program or save a file in there.


How Do I Know If I Have Malware?
Malware stands for malicious software.

Malware standing for, ‘Malicious software’. Malware is any type of software that has the ability the negatively impact your computer. There are many types of malware. People commonly get confused and call all malware ‘Computer virus’ when in fact a virus is a type of malware. There are other types of Malware such as computer worms, adware, spyware and R.A.T.S.

What can malware do? Well malware can slow down your computer, it can delete files and effect the registry and important system files. It has the ability to mess with your pc basically!  

How can I tell that I have malware? What can I do to protect myself against malware? Also how can I remove it from my PC? Well below I will list some effective programs that you should be using for protection and removal.

Avast Anti-Virus

Avast Anti Virus
Avast anti-virus.

Avast is one of the most trusted and actually good anti-virus’ softwares out there. It is completely free of charge and is something that everyone who uses the internet should consider downloading. It offers amazing protection across the entirity of your PC. It has a firewall that you can tweak to offer high or low protection. It also scans files that your attempting to download to match with their database of known potential risks.

It also has the ability to to perform multiple different types of virus scans. You can perform a quick scan which will quickly your files for major virus’, a full scan which does eessentially the same thing but for a bit longer and more in depth. The type of scan that everyone should be using is the ‘boot-time scan’ this will run on the next reboot of the operating system and looks for virus’ that are in the windows registry that are difficult to find with other scans.

Overall using Avast will catch most of your virus’ and will speed up your computer a bonus is that it offers protection all of the time for free so you have peice of mind when browsing the internet and downloading.

Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes
Malware Bytes.

Malware bytes is an anti-malware software that covers a range of different types of malware, it is one of the most trusted and popular pieces of software that is available and just like avast it is completely free! It does offer a premium service that you can pay for however, the free version is just fine for most things like removing malware and protecting yourself.

Malware bytes is really simple to use, just go to the scan tab once you have downloaded it and then press scan now, this will take you through a step by step process of malware bytes scannin your computer for known malware. It will tell you how many threats have been detected and then it will give you the option to remove them by placing them into quarrantine. 


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