DOOM Eternal Soundtrack: Behind The Scenes

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Bethesda has released a new behind the scenes video of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack ahead of its release, watch the video here:

Mick Gordon’s soundtrack was a prominent part of 2016’s DOOM reboot, topping the Google Play album charts in 2016.

Doom Google Play Store

“They’re just as much a part of the process as any of us,” Gordon says about the choir; “They’re the ones that have kept DOOM going for 25 years.”

As a fan of DOOM from the release of the first game, Gordon has always tried to capture the essence of the original game in his music, like including the iconic E1M1 riff from 1993’s DOOM and putting it into the track ‘At Doom’s Gate’ in the 2016 soundtrack, or by morphing the chainsaw sound effect from the original game into a synth effect in the track ‘Hellwalker’.

The track ‘The Only Thing They Fear Is You’ is the first track from the game to be released in the official trailer:

Sounds good to me. We’re sure you’re as eager as we are to hear the whole DOOM Eternal soundtrack when the game is released on March 20th.

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