Epic Games: 12 Days of Christmas.

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epic 12 days of christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Stuck with nothing to play this holiday season? Well, have I got some great news for you! Hurry yourself over to the Epic Games store. Where they’re celebrating with 12 free games for gamers like you and me. This amazing deal will be running throughout Dec 19 till January 2020. You have no excuse to say that you have nothing to play when you grab your hands on one of Glitchtech’s amazing gaming computers this Christmas. Into The Breach is available right now for download there so go check it out.

Into The Breach On Epic Games Store
Into The Breach

Quick note – these games are available for download for 24 hours, that means after that time period you will no longer be able to redeem them. If you’re struggling to get to a computer then they’re also redeemable through a mobile browser so you can head over to the Epic Games Store on your phone and then do it there. Thank me later!

Epic Holiday Sale
Into The Breach

Some more great news is that Epic Games is also offering £10 gift vouchers for their store. Don’t think that you can quickly snatch up another free game with your Epic coupon however because there are restrictions on what you can purchase with them. The game has to be priced above £15, and it can’t be used for in-game purchases, DLC or season passes. Apart from that excluding list, you can spend your neat little coupon on whatever you want. Have you been eyeing up a game for a while but just haven’t been able to justify getting it? Well now is your chance!

Why not check out one of our amazing gaming computers? Looking for something refreshing to bring you into the gaming scene this festive season? Glitchtech Gaming’s store offers some of the most amazing deals. Don’t be the only one to miss out.

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