Epic Game’s Epic Halloween Sale

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Epic Game's Epic Halloween Sale

Epic Games is treating gamers across the globe to a spooky Halloween sale! That’s right! Some of your favourite titles such as ‘The Walking Dead’ trilogy of tell tale games are on offer. Its great to see that Epic is actually a contender to Steam! This seasonal sale will start on the 18.10.19 and finish on the 1.11.19. Hurry up and go check out some exclusive deals!

Fortnite Halloween

So what Games are actually on sale? Well here is a quick list of some of the biggest titles on there and their prices:

♦ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – £7.41

♦ The Walking Dead: Season 1 – £7.49

♦ The Walking Dead: Season 2 – £7.49

♦ Limbo – £2.39

♦ This War of Mine – £4.49

♦ Alan Wake – £3.07

♦For Honour – £10.39

♦ Rainbow Six siege – £6.79

♦Heavy Rain – £12.79

♦ World War Z – £18.23

♦ Borderlands 3 – £49.99

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