First 14 Minutes Of Borderlands 3!

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Borderlands 3

In this article, we will be reviewing IGN’s latest Borderlands 3 video. It is 14 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay of Borderlands 3. Before checking out this article did you know we upload regular blogs and articles? Go check them out for yourself!

Borderlands 3

The First 14 Minutes of Borderlands 3 – IGN First

Here is IGN’s latest video that gives a good insight into what to expect in Borderlands 3. It shows us the first 14 minutes of gameplay from Borderlands 3. The first five and a half minutes is just Claptrap giving a tutorial, so if you are here just for the killing you can skip to 5.31 in the video. 
The vault hunter in the video is Moze which is one of the four latest vault hunters. You get to see her kick some ass in the gameplay footage by IGN. A new feature that has been implemented in Borderlands 3 is that you unlock your action skill at level 2, whereas in other Borderlands it has been level 3 in the pre-sequel and level 5 in Borderlands 1 and 2.

Borderlands 3

The vault hunters are a bit more chatty this time, through the gameplay, there are exchanges between Moze, Claptrap, and Lilith. Lilith takes the role Angle had in the previous game as she guides the vault hunter through the various quests and backstories.

There is a new sliding feature that has been shown off throughout the video by IGN. We have seen other games use this sliding movement mechanic, most notably Black Ops 4. This is a very fun feature to use and gives you a bit more freedom in the movement department of the game.

Gameplay Screenshot

Where Can I Pre-order Borderlands 3?

You can pre-order Borderlands 3 on the epic games store for PC, for console players you can pre-order it on your console store or Game. If you want to pre-order the game now press the button below!

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