First Impressions – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - First Impressions Cover

First Impressions - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The Star Wars franchise in gaming at least has had a rough few years in recent times. With the publisher Electronic Arts coming under fire multiple times for rebooting a classic, fan-favorite – franchise and being accused of sucking the soul and fun out of what made the franchise a classic, in the first place. Then, replacing it with washed-out gameplay, an uninspiring story and being filled with predatory loot boxes; RNG mechanics and shady gambling practices.

With that being said; Jedi: Fallen Order has redeemed this dying franchise. Treating players to an authentic feeling star wars solo game. People who are interested in picking up this title can expect some pretty decent looking graphics, interesting combat mechanics and decent gameplay. Although we haven’t had time to play through the entire game just yet; our first impressions of the storyline are great.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Screenshot
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay screenshot

The game throws players into the shoes of Cal Kestis (Cameron Monaghan) who is a lone Jedi who survived order 66. If you don’t know what order 66 is then I would recommend watching the prequels to refresh your mind or you could simply browse the Star Wars wiki. With that being said Cal has been in hiding ever since the execution of order 66.

In a weird twist of events, Cal seems to have forgotten what it actually means to be a Jedi. He is unable to use the force anymore in comparison to what you would expect from a Jedi. This creates a motive throughout the game for Cal to reconnect with his true powers and become one with the force again. This is in spite of the Jedi order being long gone by this point.

Cal Kestis Wielding His Blue Kyber Crystal Saber.
Cal Kestis wielding his blue kyber crystal saber.

If you’re expecting a cookie-cutter version of Battlefront or Battlefront 2’s combat system then you will either be pleasantly surprised or really disappointed. As a fan of the battlefront combat system myself, I found it quite disappointing that it didn’t feel quite right when wielding the lightsaber.

There is something magical about the combat system in Battlefront. Playing as a Jedi or a Sith makes you feel like a true wielder of the force when you’re avoiding blasters and swinging your lightsaber round like a true Jedi Knight. I’m not saying that the combat in Fallen Order is bad though. Actually it’s quite good. There is however a certain feeling of built-in acceleration when engaging in combat, the type you would expect to feel when playing a Grand Theft Auto Game.

Jumping Puzzle
Jumping puzzle

You’re supported by the little droid, who will help you out with health buffs, gradually helping you access more areas. BD-1 is really useful when you get into a battle with a lot of enemies as you are able to quickly regenerate some health when needed.

The gameplay in this game involves a lot of platform-style jumping puzzles and it can some times be rather difficult. If you’re new to playing Star Wars games in general then a lower difficulty would be recommended as health damage will be less punishing and enemies will be just a little bit less daunting.

Another thing that I want to mention is that the game felt like it was designed with a gamepad in mind. The keyboard and mouse controls felt slightly awkward and sluggish at times. It’s not terrible to the point where it breaks immersion but it is noticeable when you want to be precise with your saber or even just jump from wall to wall.

I can’t knock EA too much though however due to the fact that they have actually produced a single-player Star Wars game and not a trashy cash grab. So well done for once, it seems like they may finally have learned their lesson from previous title releases.

What are my thoughts then? Well, I think you should definitely pick this game up. It’s worth the money. The story seems promising, the gameplay is refreshing and the graphics are actually quite good.

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