Free Game of the Week: InnerSpace

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Inner Space

Free Game of the Week: InnerSpace

For this week’s free game, we have InnerSpace, free until March 6th on the Epic Games Store.

InnerSpace is a crowdfunded adventure game developed by PolyKnight games, with a team of seven developers. The game is based around exploration, similar to games such as Journey or Grow Home, and centers around exploring the vast map and picking up clues about the history of the world.

Innerspace 1
Free Game Of The Week: Innerspace 2

Due to how large the map is, sometimes it can feel rather empty, as clues about what to do are scarce apart from a few hints from “The Archaeologist”, a character in-game. The game tries to strike a good balance with this by having relatively relaxing gameplay, meaning that interactions in the game aren’t exactly necessary. Sometimes the perspective of the playable character can be disorienting due to the enclosed areas in the game, combined with the fact most of the time you tend to be aimlessly flying around.


InnerSpace may not be a game that is heavily engaging but can be worth playing if you want a basic and relaxing exploration game.

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