Have You Played Bionic Race?

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Bionic Race is our latest game on our Glitchtech website. It is our latest challenge for you Glitchtech fans! Try to beat our challenge scores now! This is one of our best free games you should try. We have multiple free games for you to try. Also, did you know we publish blogs serval times a week? Be sure to go check them out!

Bionic Race

Bionic Race

Bionic Race is a similar style game to Flappy bird but better. You can play this game for free on our website. The challenge for this game is to travel the furthest distance. If you can get a score of 400,000 points you will get 1 Steam game key from us and if you can get 1000 coins we will give you 3 Steam game keys. What are you waiting for go do this challenge now!

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