Have You Seen Borderlands 3’s Newest Vault Hunter Moze?

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Borderlands 3

Have You Seen Borderlands 3's Newest Vault Hunter Moze?

In this article, we will be discussing and reviewing Moze and her best friend Iron Bear. This badass is going to be a fan favorite in Borderlands 3. Be sure to check out our latest blogs!


Borderlands 3 – Official Moze Character Trailer

Moze was left all alone with Iron bear after her squad was killed in action. However, it didn’t seem to affect these badass’. They continued to survive and killed anything that came in there path. Moze looks awesome, I can only imagine how fun it is going to be to play this monster. With Iron bear by her side, she will be able to destroy any force that comes in harm’s way. Borderlands 3 can’t come soon enough. Check out the trailer above to check out Moze and Iron bear!


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