Have You Seen Borderlands 3’s Newest Vault Hunter Zane?

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Borderlands 3

Zane is the latest cool guy vault hunter and he’s a total loner and only has himself as a friend. He looks like a total badass, he is a jack of all trades. But he is best at killing. Check out our latest blogs, we have some blogs on the recent sales. So act fast or be last!


Zane The Operative Borderlands 3 Screengrab 02
Borderlands 3 – Official Zane Character Trailer

Zane is a jack of all trades, he can do plumbing, he’s been a janitor, he can kill, he can do almost anything… but make friends. The best company he has is the clone of himself, surprisingly he is the only person who understands him. But all loneliness aside he is an Irish badass who can wipe the floor with the bandits of borderlands 3. Zane will be my character of choice when I play Borderlands 3 just because I can relate to him the most. Borderlands 3 can come out soon enough.

Borderlands 3 1320X743

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