Nvidia calls for gamers to help in the fight against COVID-19

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You may have heard in recent news about the global pandemic that is COVID-19, known by its more popular name of the novel coronavirus. What is the coronavirus? Well to spare the details and risk being too vague as this is a gaming blog and not a science one, coronavirus is a family of viruses that affect the respiratory system. It’s a strain of the virus that is similar to SARS from back in the early 2000s. Coronavirus is highly infectious compared to SARS though and therefore a lot of the global population are at risk and many have sadly died already.

So, where do Nvidia come into all of this? Well if you’re a techy person already or even just anyone at this point then you will have heard of or maybe even encountered the concept of cryptocurrency. For those of you that don’t know if there are any of you at all, a cryptocurrency is a form of online money in a sense. It is completely private and can be mined using the processor or graphics card of a computer.

I could go into endless detail about what cryptocurrency is and how it works and still would only be scratching the surface if I tried to fit it in this article. There are plenty of YouTube videos explaining the concept in further detail. So as mentioned earlier, crypto is ‘mined’ by using the power of your computer’s processor and/ or GPU. Nvidia has called for all gamers with powerful rigs to essentially ‘lend’ part of the power of their computers to help fight the battle against the deadly coronavirus.

How is this possible you may ask? Well using the Folding@ Home software, you are able to donate some of your unused GPU clock cycles to help improve the knowledge of COVID-19. This will in turn link to a global network of PCs and combining all of the power from the donated clock cycles to make a supercomputer.

This will obviously help speed up the time-consuming process that is mapping out the genome of the virus and learning its true power and just how it works on a microscopic level. This is amazing and Nvidia is truly pioneers in the industry with a trusted brand. Hopefully, this means that we might be one step closer to finding a cure for SARS-Covid-2.

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