How to Create a Minecraft Server.

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Have you ever wanted to sit back and play with your friends on Minecraft? Finding other players annoying or simply just want the peace of mind of your own private world? Want to be fully in control and able to modify and customise your very own server? Well this is the guide for you! Today I will be demonstrating how to create a craftbukkit minecraft server.

For this guide to work, please make sure that you have java installed on your pc.

Step 1: Download CraftBukkit.jar

Step 1

Navigate to https://getbukkit.org/download/craftbukkit. Once you have been taken to the page in the image above download the latest version of craftbukkit. Make sure that it is the coresponding one to the version of Minecraft that you are wanting to make a server for. The version I will be downloading is 1.14.4


Step 2: Creating run.bat


Now you have downloaded your craftbukkit.jar file, create a folder for your server and place the jar file into it. Now in that same file create a new text document called run, now type in the following text into it:

java -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar bukkit.jar nogui

Now save the text document as ‘run.bat’ (Make sure that when you’re saving it to select the all files option from the drop down.)

Step 3: Open ‘run.bat’ 


Now open up run.bat, you will recieve an error dialogue box alerting you that you have not accepted the ‘eula’. Now close the dialogue box and open up the eula file and then change the ‘false’ to a ‘true’. 

Step 4: Finding your IP


Now navigate to a website called IP chicken. This will tell you what your public IP adress is. For privacy reasons I have blocked the example image. Now copy the IP adress and go back to your server folder. Now right click on server properties and press edit. 

Step 5: Server properties


Now you have entered your server properties file, find the option for ‘server ip’. Now paste your public IP adress in here. This is the IP adress that other people will use to connect to your server unless you purchase a domain and tie that in with your IP adress. You can also change your server MOTD from the server properties and the server port as well but only change the server port if you’re 25565 port is in use as this will mean people joining the server will have to input the port after the IP.

Step 6: Running your server


Now you can run the run.bat file, your server will now have to prepare a spawn area and generate a world. Let your server run for a while to complete this process, then if you have port forwarded you can now give your friends the public IP adress and they will be able to join with you.

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