How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale!

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How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale

How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale!

So you’ve spent hundreds of pounds in your hard-earned cash, to rise the ranks on your Steam Profile level. You’re not alone because so have the rest of us!
In this blog post we’ll show you how to exploit the Steam Summer Sale to increase your Steam Profile Level and earn the Steam Grand Prix Badge!


How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale

If you’ve spent money on your Steam Account in the past in an attempt to level up. You’re going to be pretty disappointed to discover that there’s a way to level your Steam account as many times as you want for just £7.49!

Don’t be too upset though, because in this article I’m going to explain how you can do it too. However, before I get into that, let me explain what the Steam Summer Sale is and how it works, for those who aren’t sure.

What Is The Steam Summer Sale?

The Steam Summer Sale is an annual event/sale that takes place on Valve’s Steam Store.

Hundreds of games get massive discounts and this lasts for roughly 2 weeks. Also during this time you can participate in the event that is taking place that year.

This year the Steam Summer Sale event is called the “Grand Prix. E

How Does It Work?

So you can join the Grand Prix by going to the store page and pressing the button to do so. Now you will be given the option to join 1 of 5 teams. The options are; Team Corgi, Team Pig, Team Rabbit, Team Tortoise, and Team Cockatiel.

Once this has happened you will be taken to a page that displays a leaderboard of the teams. This will show you what team is in the lead at the minute. After you have joined your team you will enter the race.

How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale

To win points in the race and advance your team further you will have to complete the given quests that the sale gives you. This will only work for participating games. So make sure that you check which ones are in on the Steam Store page. Alternatively, you can earn points by completing achievements in any game.

So you will be given a certain amount of points for completing each quest, they will range in difficulty so the harder the quest is to complete the more points it will grant you for completion.

Once you have gained points you will be able to use them in the boost meter. When you boost your team you will see a screen congratulating you and asking if you want to continue in the race, or make a pit stop.

How To Exploit The Steam Summer Sale

Select “Make A Pit Stop” and you will be taken to a new page. On this page you can view your token balance. You will receive tokens for boosting your team in the race.
so the more you boost the more tokens you will have available.

You can spend these tokens on cool Summer Sale themed backgrounds, emoticons and even get a £5 discount voucher to use on your next purchase! The coolest part though – in our opinion – and the one that we’re going to be talking about is the badge that you can level up using tokens.

You are given a Grand Prix Badge once you enter the race and you can level up this badge just as you can with other Steam Badges by spending tokens on badge levels.
You can level up once for 100 tokens, 5 times for 500 tokens and 10 times for 1,000 tokens.

Every time that you level up the Steam Grand Prix Badge you will gain XP – this XP is used to increase your Steam Level.

So how do I exploit the Steam Summer Sale then? I can hear you asking.

The first thing to do to begin exploiting the Steam Summer Sale is purchase a game called Starbound. Remember earlier when I talked about the quests you can complete for specific games?
Starbound is one of those games.
There is a quest that will give you 10 points for every soda that you drink.

If you need a Gaming PC to play Starbound then check out our range of Gaming Pcs Under £500 – they’re custom built by our team, just for you!

Now for some perspective – in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to gain 50 points you would have to win a competitive match, this is hard to do depending on how good you are at the game and would take around an hour to complete. This is why it is balanced, 1 hour = 50 points.

The reason you can exploit this system using Starbound is that the game allows players to freely mod the game and in any of it’s game modes. So some clever modder has created a mod called the ‘Steam Summer Sale Soda Mod‘.
This allows Sodas in the game to be crafted using dirt.
Specifically using 1 dirt you can craft 1000 Sodas.

Drinking 1 Soda = 10 points.

Drinking 100 Sodas = 1000 points.

From here you can drink as many sodas as needed to max out your Steam Grand Prix Badge and your Steam Profile Level.

Starbound Game

I hope this article has helped you earn the much coveted Steam Grand Prix Badge and you’ve learned how to exploit the Steam Summer Sale – thanks very much for reading.

If you’re still having difficulty performing this exploit then there’s a YouTube video tutorial to accompany the guide here.

Disclaimer: Note that this article was made for educational purposes only, Glitchtech Gaming is not responsible for any consequence that you receive if you try this exploit. Try at your own risk!

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