Join Our MC Server – For a chance to win a gaming PC

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Yes, you read correctly. Complete these quests on our Minecraft Server to win a gaming computer.

There are many levels to the Temple of Doom. Some more difficult than others. Those who fully complete the Temple of Doom will win a gaming computer built by our specialists. 

PixelBoy is waiting at spawn with the instructions on how to begin the challenge.

The Temple of Doom awaits yet another player wishing to challenge it. The 4 insane levels will test the player to their limits and for some it might be too much. A death/failure in any of the Temple’s levels will result in a restart of the whole challenge from the top. This being said… FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION

As stated above, the levels of the Temple of Doom are all hard in their own ways. We have levels that test the players agility, their strength, their sense of direction and their speed. Some levels may be easier for some but impossible for others. If you think it is worth your time join and attempt the challenge.

Upon completion of the challenges alert any admin on the server at the time, or join our discord and tell one of us in there.

Once verified the winner will receive the Zen II – Meteor from our store.

In order to verify the run was valid the user must first provide video evidence of the run to ensure no cheats were used e.g. Hacked clients.

That is a £750 gaming system for free just for completing quests/challenges on Minecraft.

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