Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X.

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Xbox Series X

Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X

For some time now, Microsoft has really been attempting to branch out from the Xbox platform. With the introduction of the game pass to the merging of the Microsoft store across the Windows 10 platform, which is available to play on PCs. It’s fair to say that Microsoft’s Xbox team has been working hard to distinguish themselves as not just a dominant force within the console market but a dominant force within gaming itself, maybe even a force that can take on the PC gaming market. We will have to wait to see how any of this holds up.

Microsoft has been really fleshing out the Xbox ecosystem in recent months. We all remember the cringe-worthy uncomfortable launch way back in 2013, yes 2013! That’s almost 7 years ago. Well, it’s fair to say that Microsoft has suffered enough within this console generation being the laughing stock of gamers worldwide and placing Sony as the console kingpin. They have turned over a new leaf in the eyes of many gamers now. We have had time to heal the wounds of attempted always-online DRM. We have placed that in the past and are ready to give Xbox another chance to wow us.

With the launch of the Xbox One X, gamers were impressed with what they saw. A 4K capable console that was, in essence, meant to rival the PC gaming market by offering an affordable 4K gaming machine. Whilst it definitely isn’t a PC killer the One X is an amazing, versatile console that offers a pretty good gaming experience. However, it was never really going to be a PC killer.

The Xbox One X Gaming Console
The Xbox One X Gaming Console

Well, the year is now 2019. Microsoft has gone even further to attempt to move away from its console look and branch out further. They have made a console that looks reminiscent of a gaming computer. Why would they do this? Well, quite simply gamers who are interested in purchasing a gaming computer will be more likely to sway to the Xbox Series X console as it is way more powerful than previous generation consoles and it looks exactly like a gaming computer.

The reason for doing this is to sway the undecided buyers. They want to build up a bigger and more expanded audience for the next generation of gamers. This is a really bold move on Microsoft’s behalf. It makes me wonder what Sony has up its sleeve for the Playstation 5 console.

Whilst we’re yet to see anything official from Sony on their announced Playstation 5 console. We do in fact have a release date from them which is extremely vague, ‘sometime in 2020.’

What is the expected performance of the Xbox Series X? Well the Series X will be including an AMD Zen 2 CPU and a custom Xbox GPU this time around for a more well-rounded performance in gaming. It’s rumoured that this console will be capable of gaming at high refresh rates such as 90hz-120hz and if we’re lucky then maybe even 144hz. With a custom GPU and one of AMD’s most powerful chips to date paired together, it’s very much possible that we could be seeing the first major console release with support for higher refresh rates. This would be astonishing and a groundbreaking achievement from Microsoft. However, if we should be expecting this from Microsoft then it is highly likely that we should expect the same from Sony as well.

Well will you be picking up an Xbox Series X when they’re fully released? Let us know in the comments below!

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