Mod of the Month: Minecraft

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Mod of the Month

Mod of the Month: Minecraft

I’m looking to start a new series of articles, in which I look at a mod each month that I really like. This mod could be from any game at all and I will review it for you here and tell you about why I like it. This month’s mod is for the game Minecraft Java Edition. It’s called ‘Optifine’.

The Optifine mod for Minecraft: Java Edition.

Optifine Hd Mod
Optifine Mod For Minecraft.

The Optifine mod for Minecraft is a really old mod. Not in the sense that it hasn’t been updated in a while, just it has been around for a very long time. With its developers still actively working to this day to release fresh updates to the mod.

It has been a staple within the Minecraft community for a long time and will continue to do so for many more updates.

So what does it do? Well, it does 2 things. Firstly, it increases performance across the board for your computer. This is especially noticeable in lower-end systems. Believe me speaking from experience of having a really slow computer at one point in time this mod helped me get from 15 fps on the lowest settings, all the way up to 35 fps.

Back in 2013 that was amazing to me that a simple mod could help me get the game from unplayable to enjoyable!

Example Of Optifine Increasing Performance.

How does Optifine achieve this? Well in the default game graphical customization isn’t the best. There aren’t too many options for the user to tweak with. This means that there will be some performance issues on lower-end machines.

Optifine allows the user to fine-tune their settings and customise their graphical options to their liking. This means that a heavy frame rate dragging option can be modified without tweaking other aspects of the game. This makes for a beautiful looking game that runs better than it did before.

Quality Tweaks For Optifine.

What else can Optifine do? Well, it can actually make the game look a whole lot better than it did before. Due to its nature of customization, Optifine allows the user to crank the settings up in the game a whole lot more than you can in vanilla. It also adds options to tweak the ambient occlusion. A type of lighting feature gives the game an overall softer more realistic lighting effect.

You can also toggle clouds within Optifine, this is great news for the people who enjoy using realism style resource packs that have clouds built into them. You are able to turn the render distance up to 32 chunks (Extreme) in the vanilla game you are limited to 16 chunks.

It is to be noted that this is only in effect for singleplayer as servers are unable to render 32 chunks for client-side players.

What did you think of this new style of the article? Would you like to see more in this format? Let me know below in the comment section. If you would like me to review a mod for a specific game, please comment on the name of the mod and the game.

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