Modern Warfare Season 1 Pass is Live!

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Modern Warfare season 1 Pass

Modern Warfare Season 1 Pass is Live!

Infinity Ward has recently implemented the Season 1 free-content to Modern Warfare. That’s right on December the 3rd 2019, IW finally released the ‘Season 1’ content for the game. All of this is absolutely free of charge just as we were promised. So what does this mean? What does the Season 1 content bring to the game?

Well, we can finally enjoy 4 brand new multiplayer maps, 3 all-new special ops experiences, and 2 new free weapons. All of this in a Fortnite style battle pass system. However, if you’ve bought Modern Warfare you will not be paying for any of this new content. This is a refreshing change to recent years of Call of Duty in the Season pass style system that we have been a custom to.

Modern Warfare Season 1

The battle pass that has recently been implemented adds 100 tiers of rewards. This means that when players breach past level 55, it’s no longer just aimlessly levelling up to higher numbers without any meaning like we have been used to so far. With lots of players actually breaching level 55 within the first week of the game being released, we’re now used to seeing players with their level in the 100’s.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that this game was ditching the COD classic prestige system for an enlisted and officer ranks system. This meant that players would unlock base game items like weapons and perks by leveling up to level 55. Then instead of prestige players would instead continue past that level going through something called the operator ranks. This means that layers will no longer have to lose their progress and will instead enjoy cosmetic rewards when they reach level 56.

Now with players reaching them ranks, the battle pass has arrived. A free one might I add! This adds 4 new maps, 3 new spec ops missions and 2 new weapons. This is an amazing amount of content to be added to the game for free!

Modern Warfare Crash Has Returned From Modern Warfare, (Call Of Duty 4).

With fan favourite maps being reintroduced and remastered from the previous Call of Duty game such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We have seen the return of the critically acclaimed multiplayer arena, ‘Crash’. This was a fan favourite from Call of Duty 4 and it looks amazing being returned into the modern-day.

Although many may view this as lazy on Infinity Ward’s part, I think it’s quite refreshing to see a familiar map, with a classical style of layout. Don’t get me wrong I think that the maps in the new Modern Warfare are stunningly beautiful and are really well designed but, with their levels of verticality and obscure realistic layouts it can be quite challenging to just sit back and enjoy a good old arcade-style run ‘ gun.

We can expect to see a lot more where that came from as well! In a recent leak from back in November, a leaker introduced us to an apparent list of content that is planned to be added to the game whether that is in general or in future seasons of the new battle pass. It included Crash on the list which we have seen introduced into season 1, but it also included some more fan favourites as well that we may well see in the future! Keep your eyes peeled and constantly check out blog page as we will be updating you as soon as we find out Modern Warfare content!

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