Modern Warfare Survival Mode – Mini Review

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So for this review I had to leave the comfort of my PC and blow the dust of the ol’ PS4. It was tricky to get used to holding a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard at first but I pulled through and played long enough to form an opinion on the return or revamped Survival mode.

Modern Warfare


Modern Warfare

Firstly, I’m going to adress the elephant in the room. Which is PS4 or Sony and Activision’s exclusivity deal. So Call of Duty has long had exclusive deals signed with eithe Microsoft or Sony. The Xbox 360 days where plagued with exclusive access for 1 month on every DLC that would come out for COD. Where as the PS4 has seen exclusive access to more recent COD DLC’s. Where as this practice is to say the least anti-consumer. It’s really irritating and leaves a lot of the fan base alienated and feeling left out. Which is something you don’t want with a multi million dollar gaming franchise.

So why is everybody raging about this years deal? Well where as fans are usually used to recieving 4 DLC’s spread across the 4 quaters of the year and the console that has the exclusivity deal recieves the content for 1 month beforehand. This year has spiced up the deal by making sure that all future content will be released across all platforms at the exact same time and free oc charge! Wait, that’s a good thing right? Well yeah but the negative effect of this is kinda horrible.

This years Call of Duty has seen the return of the infamous survival mode. A fan favourite mode developed by IW that throughs you into a wave by wave focused zombies style combat. The only difference being that there are no zombies and a lot of enemy soldiers firing weapons at you.

Sony an Activision have decided that the PS4 will have exclusive access to this game mode for an entire 12 months before Xbox and PC get a chance to play it. Yeah that’s right 12 months…

This is ridiculous for a few reasons. Firstly, fans already dislike the idea of console exclusivity for reasons that are previously mentioned. Secondly, the life cycle of a Call of Duty game as much as Activision would tell you otherwise is 12 months. This meansd that by the time Xbox and PC players get access to the game mode, there will be a whole new Call of Duty game out for us to enjoy and critique. 

In my opinion the timer should be reduced to 1 month at most, just to make it fair for the guys on Xbox and us on PC.

Modern Warfare


Modern Warfare

After playing this mode on the PS4 I have to say I am impressed to say the least. I mean how could I not be? One of the most longed for game modes has made a grand return to the franchise on the current generation of consoles and PC and let’s just say it is everything that Modern Warfare 3’s survival was but amped up on steroids by running through the new juiced engine and Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay and features. 

So the game mode starts like you would expect, you begin with a pistol and start the wave with a few low level enmies who are all brandishing shotguns. Easy right? Well not as easy as you might think. I have noticed when playing that this time around as expected the AI has improved vastly since MW3. This means that the AI is a lot more smart and a lot more difficult. You will have to think a lot more carefully about your decisions when you’re making them and camping is an important aspect of this mode even in the early rounds as you may just get caught of guard by your enemies.

This time though you are unable to purchase equipment, weapons and killstreaks during the wave. You have to wait for the wave to and are given a 30 second time frame to run and purchase anything that you need. This is intense and makes you think a lot more about what you need and prioritize things.

Modern Warfare


Modern Warfare

So what is my opinion on Survival mode? Well I think as a mode it is pretty enjoyable to play. Mixing things up with fast and slow paced gameplay with intense close quaters gunplay and long range sniping enemies. I highly recommend that you play this with a few of your friends as things get difficult crunching numbers on your own.

Do I think that you shouldn’t buy this game on PC or Xbox because the lack of this game mode? Well personally, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me as the game is still amazing and vast without it. However I completely understand the rage that gamers are feeling and it’s completely your decision wether or not to boycott.

Will you be picking up this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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