Modern Warfare’s world-famous shotgun gets nerfed again

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Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare’s world-famous shotgun gets nerfed again

Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun has been a thorn in the side of every Modern Warfare player since its release. What should have been a high damage hard to handle stopping power machine at close range, actually birthed a long ranged precise sniper rifle like killing machine! Players had utilised the weapon with a scope and had even been using it in long ranged ground war battles.

From its amazing ability to delete people from across the map to it’s insane damage output per shot. It’s fair to say that the 725 shotun has seen its fair share of controversy and imbalance. Well Infinity Ward has heard your cries for help. They have recently released a patch to the laser gun.

This time IW has decided to reduce the range of the 725, in previous attempts to quell the fiery beats a patch was released to reduce damage but it proved to not be enough as still nearly every player in the game was running around with this weapon and an M4A1 in overkill. Yeah that was essentially the meta of MW for the first few weeks of its release and it will surely be remembered by the community.


It really is a shame, Modern Warfare has had a pretty shaky release. From the PC players being unable to find a game due to server issues and crossplay being one of the most controversial moves in recent COD history, to the only 2 guns being used in multiplayer; the 725 and the M4A1 rifle.

Modern Warfare has the potential to be a great game, it looks amazing, has great guns with authentic feel and balistics and with maps that have took a relaistic spin on things instead of being the 3 lane competitive style arenas that we have been used to in recent years with a bit of polishing here and there Modern Warfare has the potential to be an amazinf year for Call of Duty.

We have finally returned to the Modern Day with a reboot of the cult classic COD mini series ‘Modern Warfare’. If IW continues with there amazing support of the game and deliver on their promise of a ditched loot box system and free content for everyone then surely this year will be great for all of us.

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