NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO – Minecraft Server Spawn Tour

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NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO - Minecraft Server Spawn Tour

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In this video there is a whistle-stop tour of our Minecraft Server’s Spawn with all of the most important destinations that you might want to look at when you join.

First on the tour is the main spawn area of the world. Here you can find some stalls, houses, a shop and even a railway station. In spawn you can see some pixel-art, the Glitchtech Logo can be seen in pixel-art form towering over the spawn area, across from the Logo, a pixel-art player can be seen. It might be benificial to see what is by his feet. *wink* *wink*

Inside the massive community shop are stalls that can be requested by players. once a stall has been requested they can set up shop there and sell their equipment or anything else they want to sell/buy from the community.

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