Overwatch 2 Announcement Trailer

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Overwatch 2

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard have announced Overwatch 2, the long awaited sequel to 2014’s Overwatch, watch the trailer here:

From the trailer we can see that there is a distinct time jump between the two games, as the Overwatch Team have disbanded with only three members remaining; Winston, Mei and Tracer travelling to a mission in Paris. In the cinematic, they are fighting ‘the Null Sector’ a robotic force sent to destroy the French city. As things start to look grim for the team, more heroes from the original Overwatch appear such as Mercy and Reinhardt. A couple of new characters are introduced in the trailer also.

Overwatch - Heroes

There are two main segments of the game this time around, the brand new co-op story mode that will delve further into the game’s lore, and the multiplayer, that brings new features and crossplay to the first game.

Single Player

The thing that has fans most excited about is the new story mode, that the original game was missing. As mentioned previously, the team will be fighting against the Null Sector in the ‘Story Missions’, which were featured in the Uprising event in the first game. The mode is a co-operative experience for up to 4 players, and has the team of players fighting through different locations around the globe. Another mode involved in the single player experience is the new ‘Hero Missions’. These are also co-op mission and involve the full character roster. The idea of these missions is to be highly replayable and help to level up your characters and unlock new abilities and cosmetics

Overwatch - Genji
Genji’s new look in the recent trailer


The idea behind the new multiplayer mode is quite an interesting one. Rather than acting as a completely separate sequel, the game now has a multiplayer ‘environment’ meaning that players of the original Overwatch will get to play the same maps and characters as players of Overwatch 2. This also means that all cosmetics from the original game will be transferred over to the new game. Overwatch 2 also introduces a new 6v6 game mode called ‘Push’. Both teams will race to help a robot push the map’s objective into the enemy’s base, similar to ‘Payload’ from Team Fortress 2.

Overwatch - New Mode Push
A screenshot from ‘Push’

Due to the fact Overwatch 2 is still in very early development, a lot of details are still in the dark, including a release date, so hopefully there is a lot more news to come in the future.

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