Papers, Please Mini Review!

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Papers, Please

Papers, Please Mini Review!

Who could have thought bureaucracy could be so engaging? This game makes paperwork fun while also making you so hyperattentive to the level of turning you neurotic. Feeling stress is a feature! Don’t forget to check the amazing short movie. Glory To Arstotzka! 

Papers, Please

If you’re looking for a fun adventure type game, then you’re in the wrong place. Papers, please is a dystopian document thriller set in the fictional, communist country of Arstotzka. The player is a border inspector who regulates the border checkpoint in East Grestin.

With each day a new challenge, the player must thoroughly inspect each immigrant or citizen’s official documents to see if they’re valid, invalid or even forged! Although this doesn’t sound interesting. The fact that with each mistake you could be allowing a terrorist through or get a citation which leads to a reduction in your salary. Which is already incredibly low makes the game a stressful experience.

You have a family who relies on you for food, rent, heat, and medicine if they get sick. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice multiple of these at once just to save money. So you get the picture money is tight in this game and with each mistake

A Visual Example Of Game Play.
A visual example of game play.


So what does the game play entail? You have a simple interface on screen. You can view the person you’re dealing with to the lower left of the screen, you will be able to enter dialogue with them here too. There is also a desk space below here where the documents will be passed to you.

Below this there are options to open up the rules book/ bulletin report to see objectives and rules for the current day. To the right you can view these documents and use the inspection button to compare data and search for discrepancies. Once a discrepancy is found you will have the opportunity to interrogate the assailant. If you determine that they are lying you can deny them entry to the country or even sometimes detain or search them for contraband.

If you find them to be innocent you can stamp there passport as approved.


The game trailer

The Short Film

The short film

This game, in my opinion, is worth every penny you spend on it as it is so inexpensive! It offers a great gameplay experience and is highly addictive. You will sink hours into this game and its replay factor is amazing.

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