Project Scarlett

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Project Scarlett

The new xbox, also known as the Project Scarlett was announced last Sunday at E3, but what do we know about it after the first week?


Project Scarlett is undoubtably the best console we have seen so far, in hardware terms.

The Scarlett is built around the new powerful hardware from AMD, including their new Navi graphics architecture and a Zen 2 CPU, it is designed to completely minimise loading times, or even completely eliminate them, so that you, the player, can get into games as quickly as possible.

In the announcement reel at E3 on Sunday, xbox threw out so pretty ambitious numbers: 

  • Four times as powerful than the current best console on the planet, the xbox one X.
  • Four times better performance than current gen consoles, in term of loading times.
  • 120fps
  • 8K graphics
  • Ray tracing support with dedicated hardware

There was also a brief tease at E3 that you would be able to play any game from all 4 generations of xbox consoles on the Scarlett, while calling the Xbox One X/S a separate generation is quite a stretch, the fact that anything is backwards compatible is great.

When is the release date?

The Xbox Project Scarletts release date will be holiday 2020, with an exact date to be announced.

There are also rumours that the PS5 will be dropping in the same time frame, so launching at the end of the year positions Microsoft to take advantage of the holiday season, and undoubtably this release date beckons in AAA game companies, who release at around the same time.

How much will the Project Scarlett cost?

While no release price has been announced, we can only speculate that it will cost more than the Xbox One X did, due to the hardware inside the Scarlett.

A current rumour is that there will be two different Project Scarletts getting released, all with different configurations:

  • 8K/120FPS version of the Project Scarlett
  • 1080/60FPS Project Scarlett


What are your thoughts on the Project Scarlett?

Will the Scarlett dominate pc gaming?

Will the fuss of having less wires be seen as a game changer?

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