Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge Released!

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge Released!

Rainbow Six: Siege enters its 5th year of post-launch content with its new title update: Operation Void Edge. The update brings two new operators, Iana and Oryx, and the new reworked Oregon map.


Rainbow Six: Siege Attacker Iana
Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge Released! 4

 Iana is the new Danish attacker brought in with this update, her unique ability is the ‘Gemini Replicator’. This lets her deploy a hologram of herself that can roam the map and peek agnles that defenders may be holding, without any danger to herself. The ability runs on a cooldown timer like Caveira and Vigil’s abilities and can also be destroyed in one shot like most gadgets. The hologram has a few major counters however: 

  • The Hologram can be destroyed by anything that can destroy a gadget. Bandit’s Shock Wire and Kaid’s Electroclaws will destroy the hologram.
  • As an electronic gadget, Mute’s Signal Disruptor will neutralise the hologram.
  • The Hologram is also unable to see Vigil while his Video Disruptor is active.
  • Maestro’s Evil Eyes can destroy the Hologram with its laser, and can detect its lack of heat signature.

For primary weapons, she can equip either the G36C or ARX200 assault rifles and has an MK1 9MM. As far as gadgets go, she can equip either Fragmentation or Smoke Grenades

Oryx – Defender

Rainbow Six: Siege Oryx Defender
Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge Released! 5

Oryx is the new Jordanian defender brought in with Y5S1. His uniwue ability is called the ‘Remah Dash’. This ability lets Oryx charge at a higher speed through areas, knock down opponents (including shield operators) and break through soft walls. His ability has up to three charges, this resets to 0 whenever he breaks through a soft wall and he will take 10 damage while doing this, meaning he can down, or even kill himself if he has already been revived. His ability is quite strong considering his only two counters are: 

  • Nomad’s Airjabs which will interrupt his dash when triggered.
  • Gridlock’s Trax Stingers which will slow down and damage him if he runs through them.

He also has the secondary ability of being able to jump up to different floors using destroyed hatches.

This loadout consists of the MP5 sub-machine gun and the SPAS-12 shotgun. His secondary weapons are the USP40 handgun and the Baliff 410 shotgun pistol which he can use for destroying hatches. For a gadget, Oryx can bring either a bulletproof camera or barbed wire.

Oregon – Map Rework

Rainbow Six: Siege Oregon Map Rework
Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Void Edge Released! 6

This season’s new map is a rework of an old favourite, Oregon. The map has been given a makeover with a darker, grimier look compared to the original, given it’s dark history based on the Waco Siege in 1993, at the Mount Carmel Center which the map is based on. The map is mostly the same but with new areas making rotations easier for defenders and giving more access to the attcking team.

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