‘RAW’ The Amazingly Ambitious Kickstarter Game Has Just Been Removed!

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In this is article we will be discussing the very ambitious game ‘RAW’ which was a Kickstarter project that has been recently removed by Kickstarter themselves. We will be discussing why this has happened and what to expect from ‘RAW’ in the future.

RAW Trailer

RAW is a Kickstarter project, this game is an open-world MMO, it is very similar to GTA Online. The developers were only asking for $79,000 to develop this game, whereas the development of GTA cost roughly around $137 million. These games have a similar construct, so the budget should be similar. 

However, this request for $79,000 was the developer’s down-fall. This was an unrealistic target that breaks the terms and services if Kickstarter. In order to have a Kickstarter project, you need to give a realistic amount of money to complete the project. However, for the developers of RAW $79,000 was not a realistic price. 

“Our rules and guidelines ask that creators seek to raise the amount of money needed to bring a project to completion and fulfill all rewards,” a Kickstarter representative told PCGamesN. “This creator stated in an update that they would need to raise additional funds outside of Kickstarter to complete the game. We require projects to be honest and clearly presented, and this project failed to meet that standard.”


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This game concept had everything a realistic RPG MMO would need to be the game of the century. In RAW you could play any role you could in the real world. You could be mayor, police force, construction, and criminal. As the game would have developed there would be more roles. However, by the look of things, we will never be able to play RAW. Due to its Kickstarter being canceled there is minimal funding for the project. It is believed only two people are currently working on this project. The chances of this game being finished are slim but here at Glitchtech, we have our fingers crossed to see this game developed and published. 

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