Sony Announces PS5 Backwards Compatibility!

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Sony Announces PS5 Backwards Compatibility!

The PS5 or ‘Playstation 5’ has finally been confirmed by Sony. The next gen console will release in the holiday season of 2020. Gamers worldwide can rejoyce as we prepare to part ways with the previous generation of console gaming. 


So What good news has Sony let slip on the upcoming console? Well that it will be fully backward compatible with digital and physical PS4 media and applications. This is great news! This means that there will be no need to purchase the PS Now service and have a limited choice of the library. 

Ps Now

What else does this mean? Well that all PSVR titles and the PSVR headset will be fully compatible with the PS5 console, no need to purchase a new exclusive headset for the console. 

Gamers where annoyed to discover that the PS4 did not launch with PS3 backward compatibility, which seemed like a huge step backward considering the PS3 and PS2 both launched with backward compatibility. Not to mention the fact that PS4 games at the launch were considerably more expensive than what the previous generations were and the fact that Sony fans across the world had spent huge amounts of money building up a collection of PS3 games.


This is good news for all of us who are hoping to pick up one of the most anticipated next-gen consoles next year. The fact that we will be able to slip our PS4 discs in and enjoy some of our old titles whilst we wait for developers to make some awesome next-gen titles and potentially some cranked up sequels.

Does this mean that the PS5 will be backward compatible with PS3, PS2, and even PS1 games? Well, unfortunately, there has been no word officially from Sony themselves on that yet, but one can only hope! If they’re taking time to allow it to work with PS4 games then they’re probably going to introduce that feature for previous Sony consoles as well!

So will you be picking yourself up a PS5 in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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