StarWars Battlefront 2 – Coop update is here

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Battlefront 2 Update

StarWars Battlefront 2 - Coop update is here

The Republics most elite fighting force the Clone Commandos have arived, along with the map Felucia to be played in the tug-of-war style gamemode Capital Supremacy and finally a new PvE gamemode have all been added to EA’s latest release in the Battlefront sega.

Clone Commandos coming to Battlefront 2?

In this new update players can hop into multiplayer and play as the Republics finest and most elite fighting force within the Grand Army of the Republic, The Clone Commandos. These elite fighting machines have not yet been seen in any of the movies as of yet although they were indirectly mentioned in Episode 2. The Commandos were bred and trained at Kamino, due to their rigorous training not many of them saw active combat as Clone Commandos, however when they were placed in a situation you could guarantee that that situation would have a favourable conclusion.

Image Result For Star Wars Clone Commandos In The Movies

Is this something you want to experience? Well now you can in Star Wars Battlefront 2. 

New map hopping in the Battlefront 2 map pool?

In this new update players can now play the gamemode Capital Supremacy on the new map of Felucia. For those who need reminding Felucia is only briefly seen in the movies, once Order 66 was given the Clone Troopers under the command of Jedi General Aayla Secura fired upon her killing her. The planet itself is teemed with fungal life with large funal “tree” like plants growing tall into the yellowish sky. 

Image Result For Battlefront 2 Update Felucia

Does this sound like a place you want to do battle? If so come along and battle the armies of evil in Battlefront 2.

New PvE gamemode also graces the game in this new update.

The new gamemodes allow for instant action for co-op groups, with EA saying:

“Delve into these fresh experiences right away”

Image Result For Battlefront 2 Pve Mode Gameplay

These co-op groups will consist of 4 players taking place on the multitude of existing plantes in the Clone Wars era with the players killing “clankers” every step of the way.

I for one cant wait to load up Battlefront 2 and get some gameplay of this new gamemode to showcase on the YouTube channel for you all to see. 

What can we hope for from the next update?

Well in the next update (said to ttake place in december, around the time of the new movies release) there will be a special themed content update celebrating the release of the new movie titled: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

No further details have been released as of yet.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield.

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