Steam Summer Sale Starting June 25th?

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Steam Summer Sale Starting June 25th?

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. You’ve been saving for it since it last happened (I hope..). That’s right it’s time for the Steam Summer Sale. Specifically the Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale of 2019. Yes, we’re only 1 day away from Gaben’s yearly harvest of the monthly paychecks of gamer’s globally. How much have you managed to save and how much are you planning on spending?

With SteamDB tweeting out on June 19th that the Steam Summer Sale will begin in just 6 days, gamers around the world can now get excited! Obviously we all knew that it was just around the corner but having an essentially confirmed date means we can make plans to spend our cash.

So if you’re new to PC gaming or you have been living under a rock for recent years then you may be asking yourself what’s the big deal about this sale? Well the reason everyone makes such a fuss about it is because you can grab a few games each year depending on how loose you are with your wallet for massive discounts! major titles can get their price reduced by 30%. That odd indie game thats been in your wishlist since the conception of your steam account is a whopping 80% off!

That’s why this sale is an annual national holiday. You craft a badge to honour the event by completing a list of challenged, I’m sure that you’re used to this from past sales and different events. The image below is a similar example of what the badge may look like in your inventroy

Steam Awards Badge

So what will you be breaking the piggy bank open for this year? Tell us in a comment below, we’re hoping that Squad is on sale. Remember to spend responsibly and don’t let the discount badges blind you!


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