The best custom PC builds we have ever seen!

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Do you ever find yourself getting bored of your all black PC case, with no colour or depth apart from maybe tempered glass?

Well, I feel it too, and I decided to find the best custom builds I have ever seen!

Star Wars floating desk build

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This Star Wars themed floating desk PC case hybrid beast is mega impressive!

It seems to feature hardware on both sides, which potentially could be a dual PC set up…One for streaming and one for gaming, the ultimate streaming/gaming experience.

The RGB and lighting also seems perfect too! Although, for me, an RGB junkie, it could have more. 

The cable management here is just perfect, can you see any wires apart from the keyboard and mouse? No, me either.

Absolute minimalist


This perfect, crystal white setup is amazing if you are a fan of minimalism or a fan of Tron…either way, it checks the boxes.

The PC case doesn’t have tempered glass, which personally offends me, but I do love the minimalism behind this clean setup. 

Clearly, the person that owns this hates clutter, this is obvious due to the perfect cable management, but will it ever stay that clean?



Now, let’s get down to the real custom PCs, I’m talking spray painted, I’m talking neon, I’m mostly talking about RGB…

The Joker Build

The Joker build is simply a form of art, that’s why one photo simply wouldn’t do it justice. Plus, could you really miss out on not seeing all the custom paint at the side and under the GPU?

This build really jumps out at you, especially considering the painted on words are elevated from the PC!

The green colour scheme inside looks a bit like a ‘toy’ but it fits in surprisingly well with the whole theme.

I am well and truly envious of the guy who owns this PC… lucky man!


Far Cry 5 Edens Gate build

[rev_slider alias=”Edens Gate Far Cry 5″][/rev_slider]

Feast your eyes upon that! A Far Cry 5 inspired build, which perfectly resembles the game in my opinion.

The smashed glass with a baseball bat through the case is really what makes this PC pop. The shotgun shells at the bottom add extra colour, life and danger to the build.

The frame of the actual case has also been bent inwards on itself, to disfigure the build and add some life.

I really love this build, personally, if I could choose any build off of this list to have, it would be this one. The smashed tempered glass and disfigured frame really sells this to me.

All-in-one PC and monitor build

This really is an outstanding build, a monitor and PC all in one little package? Yes, please!

However, there is one thing about this build that really, really irritates me…actually two.

The lack of RGB! How is this supposed to satisfy my 80s disco style RGB needs?

I guess the cable management is pretty irritating too, but what can you expect? It’s on the back of a monitor.

The Witcher custom build

This Witcher build is downright awesome! 

Runes from the game are hidden all over it! Can you spot any?

It also features the names of the 4 larger areas in the game and all 5 schools!

This PC was mainly painted but also had to be sculpted, just for the claw marks on the front of the case.

Despite the lack of RGB, this certainly satisfies my need for it with all the colours on it!

While looking at all these amazing builds you may have seen the watermarks on a few…TagMods is a website where they build these amazing builds and document it as they do it!

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