The Epic Games Launcher Has 6 Free Batman Games Right Now!

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6 Free Batman Games

Yes, you heard that right! A whole six free games!

Batman Arkham City: Game Of The Year Edition

Batman Arkham City is possibly the best batman game out there…it very closely competes with Batman Arkham Asylum – also a great Batman game.

Arkham City is a prison the size of a city, inmates can do whatever they want and are free within the walls of Arkham.

The worlds worst criminals are found at Arkham, with the likes of Catwoman and Dr Freeze being there.


Batman Arkham Asylum

Arkham asylum, the first of the series, which some people argue is the best, is also free!

Arkham asylum set in Arkham, Gotham in the grounds of Arkham Asylum.

Criminally insane people like the joker and scarecrow litter the asylum, eventually taking over, and its Batman’s job to take it back.

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Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight is the most recent Batman game, and honestly, s**t hits the fan, the main villain is the scarecrow…or the Arkham Knight…or is it scarecrow?

Ill be honest with you, I don’t know who the main villain is, but its a great game, and is definitely worth playing, especially for free.

Batman Arkham Knight

The Arkham trilogy of games really are amazing, and if it wasn’t good enough already…The Lego Batman games are free too!

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