The Last Of Us 2 might release in February 2020!

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Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2 might release in February 2020!

It?s looking like the much-awaited game, The Last of Us Part 2 may release in February 2020, according to multiple reports.

Originally reported on by Eurogamer, three separate reports or comments show an early 2020 release date for the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2.

First is a recent interview from the Critical Role YouTube channel between voice actor Ashley Johnson (who plays Ellie in The Last of Us) and Critical Role creative producer Brian Foster, who are also engaged to one another.

In the interview, Foster asks Johnson when the game is coming out, and Johnson begins to mouth what appears to be the word ?February,? before Foster actually interrupts her with a follow-up comment.

Making that possible slip of the tongue more believable is an earlier report from Kotaku?s Jason Schreier. Back in May, Schreier?s source informed him that Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima?s upcoming game, would release in November, which turned out to be true. Along with that, Schreier says he was told that The Last of Us 2 was bumped to ?early 2020, possibly February??


Daniel Ahmad, a video game analyst for Niko Partners, later posted on ResetEra that February 2020 is the current internal date at developer Naughty Dog for the Last of Us 2. It?s not clear how Ahmad came about this information, however, so its credibility can be questioned.

Releasing The Last Of Us 2 in February wouldn’t be a bad choice either, with Call Of Duty and Outer Wilds releasing late October, it would make a lot of sense for even a huge title to give itself some breathing space.

So..Is this reliable?

While the credibility of this is unknown, it is currently widely believed.

What’s your opinion on this? Is it credible? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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