The Medieval Hack ‘n’ Slash Game Taking The Internet By Storm?

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The Medieval Hack 'n' Slash Game Taking The Internet By Storm?

Mordhau is a brand new title released in early access on steam by Triternion. The studio is fairly small and is an independent studio. Mordhau is their biggest release to date and rightly so!

So, what is it? Mordhau is a medieval hack ‘n’ slash game aiming to get players in to bloody mortal combat in the true fashion of middle aged warfare. Offering 3 main game modes that are Frontlines, Battle Royale and Horde. There are many other game modes as well such as deathmatch, skirmish and team deathmatch however you will need to navigate to the server browser to enjoy them.


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Frontlines is the most popular game mode in Mordhau, it’s a 32 vs 32 player domination/ ground war style game, with the main objective of the game is to get to 1000 points the fastest. To get points your team must capture and defend objectives whilst advancing to the next objective and defending against a storm of enemy knights, brigands and archers.

What makes this game mode so fun? Well there isn’t a feeling quite like beheading 3 people in one swift movement and making your presence on the battlefield known. With Mordhau’s advanced real-time movement mechanics combat has never quite felt this realistic or good!

I could get into talking about the in depth system of movement that this game utilises but I would be here all day so I’ll link a video instead.

Battle Royale

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Battle Royale is a game mode that we’re all accustom to now. In Mordhau it’s not much different to the usual formula that we’ve seen in other titles. It’s a 64 player all out battle royale, you spawn in a random location on the map ‘Grad’ and hunt for weapons that are located in various chests.

The goal is to be the final player standing, not much needs explaining about the game mode itself, however what makes it so addicting is the feel of Mordhau’s combat system, swinging your great sword and morphing to a thrust into your enemy who foolishly fell for your trap is a rewarding feeling.

Another reason this game mode is enjoyable is because it’s fast to play, earns you a fair amount of gold and can really improve your game sense and combat abilities. You will learn how to use a lot of weapons and that is extremely useful in this game.


Mordhau Beginners Guide

What is Horde mode? It’s essentially a COD: Zombies style game mode, you start with nothing but 20 gold coins. There are weapons, armour and equipment scattered around different locations on the map. They all cost money you have to kill waves of enemies and survive the wave to earn money.

Spend said money to get your desired armour and weapons, the enemies difficulty level increases with each wave. What makes this game mode greta to play though is that you can actually win! Yeah that’s right, it doesn’t just go on and on forever. It ends on round 25.

So you now have a goal to work towards, beat all of the maps on the Horde game mode. This sounds easy yet is incredibly difficult if you don’t know what you’re running into.

In the games current meta I would highly recommend that you purchase a crossbow and some heavy armour as some of the enemies you will come across have the accuracy of a fully trained spec ops sniper. They can successfully throw a projectile, it could be a rock or even a turd! and hit you most of the time. Although you wouldn’t think they do much damage even the peasants can kill you with a few blows.

So if none of the gamemodes that I have brushed upon so far interest you much at all you may find that using the server browser you will find your desired mode. Yes even though the 3 main game modes are hugely popular they are not the only thing sparking interest in this amazing title.

There is a fairly large and active duelling community in Mordhau. In fact there is entire servers dedicated to them! They involve going 1 v 1 against an opponent to the death! Sometimes a referee will be present to ensure the duel plays out fairly. there are strict rules within these duelling severs, you have to wait your turn you can’t interrupt someone else’s duel and you must flourish your weapon to make it clear that you are ready.

The good thing about experiencing these servers is you will meet many good players who could teach you a thing or two, or even a slight change to your tactics that could make you 10x better than what you curerently are. You will have the opportunity to make friends to play front lines with but the best thing yet is you can still earn money and XP from playing on these servers.

Unlike games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where playing on a community server will not grant you XP this is a groundbreaking feature!

Deulling In Mordhau

So I hope that I have convinced you to give Mordhau a try for yourself? Maybe you’re interested in purchasing the game well you will can do so by pressing the button below.

Maybe you want to play Mordhau but don’t have a computer that is capable of running the game? Well check out our store, we update it weekly and you may just find a deal that suits you!

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