The Outer Worlds: What is it?

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The Outer Worlds is an action role playing gamer developed by Obsidian Entertainment. If that name sounds familiar to you that’s because they’re the studio that developed the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas. It’s a first person, sci-fi/ space themed RPG. You start by creating a character and assigning them a class and some skill points. Almost reminiscent of the Fallout series.

Where can I pick it up?

Steam Store &Amp; Epg Store
The Game Will Be Available From October 25Th 2019 On The Epic Games Store And Steam Store.

This is a tricky one. In full blown Activision style the game has exclusively released on the Epic Games store, 1 whole year before it releases on Steam’s store! Apparently Epic Games and Obsidian have been talking on a deal for a while and have decided this was the best decision to be made Translation: Epic Games used some of their Fortnite money to sway Obsidian. 

This is kinda good news for us gamer’s. For as long a I’ve known Steam has been a dominant superpower in PC gaming. They have basically held a monopoly on selling games to PC user outside of indie developers for a good while. It’s nice to hear that they actually have some competition that isn’t battle.net or Origin.

What is the story about?

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What will the story consist of?

When you create whoever you want to be your guy/ gal was on a spaceship transporting humans to the newly-formed Halcyon colony. This is a duo of planets on in the galaxy that the game is based in. Your ship floated of course and is lost in the vast nothingness of space, by this time you’ve been in cryosleep for 70 years. You think that you would have perished right? but amazingly, a scientist has managed to wake you. He wants your help saving the other occupants of the ship who are also in cryosleep.

Immedietley, you’re given a choice. You can choose to help him or turn on him and rat him out to the authorities. If you decide to be a snitch you will recieve a pretty massive sum of cash as reward. You’re able to manipulate both sides against each other. Alternatively, as you would expect in any good RPG you can just explore the world freely from the minute the game starts. The main story will have multiple endings. The side of the story that you see will be effected by the choices that your characters chooses to make. This reminds me of Fallout, will you choose to be a morally good guy or will you be a manic child murderer? It’s completely up to you!

For the majority of the game, you’ll be on one of the two main planets. One is wild, populated by lots of native alien life and plantlife there is little to no civilisation here and it is a lawless wasteland that is dangerous. The other has been terraformed and is home to a population that you will be able to interact with . Both are vibrant and beautiful. As well as the two planets, you’ll have the opportunity to visit various space stations and moons. 

Open World

2019 03 20 Image 5

The Outer Worlds is not your typical open world sandbox. You aren’t allowed to freely roam the planets. Instead opting for a style of exploring a section of each one at any time.  The good news is you’re able to take it as fast or as slow as you want and each planet and station will be full with sidequests to complete. You can travel directly between some areas without returning to your home base, a spaceship.

You will be able to go back to any previous location in the game at some points though and the great news is that they may be slightly or majorly different depending on what you have got up to or any decisions you may have made though your progression.

You are able in fact to explore some areas of the game at the very beginning but however, you will have to go to specific areas to complete the main quest. In a similar fashion to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey though, areas of the map will be leveled. This means that some areas will contain some pretty nasty enemies. So you may want to get on with the main quest or some other side quests before attempting to go to these areas.

There isn’t just one way to do things!

Multiple Ways To Complete Quests.
Similar to Fallout: New Vegas, there are multiple ways to complete quests.

What where you expecting exactly? This is Obsidian that we’re talking about. If you call back to Fallout: New Vegas you will remember that there where multiple ways to complete a lot of the quests.

With speech checks that actually had meaning and different branches in the dialogue, you could be charming and sweet talk your way through, if you fancied yourself as a bit of a tough guy then you could intimidate folk to get them to do your bidding. Hell if you wanted to shoot everyone in the face and go all guns blazing you could even do it that way. It truly was immersive and gave full control to the player.

Well it seems that The Outer Worlds will be continuing this trend as well which is amazing news. Amazingly there is some more depth to the system this time around however. If you want to charm people or persuade them it will not be as easy as just selecting specific perks in a skill tree. You will have to find out information on that character or maybe even collect specific items for them to get them to do something for you.

Everyone can die

Every Character Is Killable
Everyone is able to die in The Outer Worlds.

We’re all used to the typical RPG by now. Some characters are inevitably invincible. That’s simply just how it has to work right? Otherwise some quests would be unplayable. Well you’re wrong if you think that because The Outer Worlds has proved that not to be the case.

Yes! There are no essential NPC’s in this game. Everyone can be killed. So how will I get a quest if the quest giver is suddenly murdered I head you asking? Well there are multiple ways one can go about receiving a quest in this game. 

If a quest giver kicks the bucket too early and you’re left waiting for the quest you can simply loot their body and may find a clue or a key note that kick starts the quest for you or try to loot their residence and you may find some clues there!

Trailer/ Gameplay

Official launch trailer for The Outer Worlds.

So will you be picking up a copy of this amazing game for yourself? Here at Glitchtech we sure as hell will be. Let us know your opinions on this title in the comments below. Personally I’m excited because I love Obsidian Entertainment. Also press the button below if you wish to purchase the game.

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