Top 10 Awesome Mods for The Witcher 3

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Mods for Witcher 3

With the recent release of Netflix’s The Witcher series, fans across the globe have returned to play the game, in fact, the game is currently more popular than it has ever been and recently hit 100k players, all playing at the same time over on the Steam platform. If you want to read the recent article that we wrote on the Witcher overtaking The Mandalorian as most viewed TV show currently then press here.

With that being said, The Witcher 3, has always been a really popular game. Developed by CD Projekt RED, the open-world RPG is full of life and with massive sprawling locations with dense populations, it puts Bethesda’s Skyrim to shame. However amazing any game is though, it can always be made better with a series of community-developed mods.

So today, we will be taking a look at some of the best mods that you can download for the Witcher 3 and make your journey as Geralt of Rivia even more immersive.

1. Jump In Shallow Water

Jump In Shallow Water
Jump In Shallow Water

Yes, this may seem like a really small mod so how the hell has it made it into a top 4 mod list? Well, it may not be as big as some mods that are usually showcased here but it is absolutely essential. Once you have used this mod you will not be able to do a playthrough without it again.

Jumping has long been a faster way to navigate the open worlds of many different video games and the same goes for The Witcher 3. Moving through water can slow you down a lot and when you really just can’t be bothered to move slowly and just want to take that shortcut to get where you’re going, the slow movement speed in the water can be a pain.

Well if you give this mod a download you can jump your way through water that isn’t deep, this should have been a vanilla feature, to begin with, right? I mean nothing breaks immersion in a video game-like not being able to do the most basic of functions even though you’re someone who is literally capable of harnessing the powers of magic!

2. Fast Travel Anywhere

Fast Travel Anywhere
Fast Travel Anywhere

The Witcher 3’s world is absolutely huge, I mean it’s bigger than Skyrim’s for a start and that one even still to this day feels massive to me. It’s busting with NPC’s and enemies to fight, it’s also a massive pain when you have an objective in the middle of nowhere or you’re just stuck in the middle of a location with nothing of interest in sight.

You’ve got 1 option and 1 option only, walk to the nearest signpost and I mean the Witcher 3 is full of these signposts and doesn’t really have a massive shortage of them, however, due to the maps sheer scale you can still find yourself looking for once of these for absolute ages.

You’ve only had that 1 option up until now! Now if you download Fast Travel Anywhere you are able to cut out the nitty-gritty walks that you’ve been forced to undertake in between your quests.

Be warned, however, this mod is known to cause issues with some quests on occasions.


3. Friendly HUD

Friendly Hud.
Friendly Hud.

If fans of gaming know anything, it’s that generally (Not always..) Developers really, really suck at designing a clean, useful and streamlined HUD for their games. They’re famously plagued with problems, whether it’s too cluttered, not got enough info at any given time or just clunky and in the way.

Well, The Witcher 3 is no stranger to this problem and due to the nature of the game, we’re all used to having to deal with a really cluttered screen for most of the playthrough. I know I keep mentioning Skyrim but it’s actually a really great game to compare the Witcher too. Yes, Skyrim is plagued with this problem too and the community has also developed a mod for that game for the HUD solution.

If you disable elements of The Witcher 3’s HUD the game can become really difficult to play at times so where do we compromise? Well, this new mod introduces a dynamic HUD that is designed to only show you what you need at any given point of gameplay.

4. HD Reworked

Hd Reworked
Hd Reworked

Yes, you knew it was coming! I have to feature a graphical overhaul mod on this list, I mean the game is essentially screaming at you to mod it graphically. Now, the game is already stunningly beautiful and you don’t need me to tell you that. With amazing lighting effects and decent textures, you never really feel like you’re staring at something ugly.

That being said though, in the modding community people really can’t help themselves and when given a chance they will make any game look absolutely stunning and modern regardless of what year it is. In fact, I’m convinced that Skyrim will get graphics updates from the community until the end of time.

That being said, the mod HD Reworked has recently been updated and reworks and of the games textures to 4K resolutions and no doubt in the near future we will be seeing beyond 4K textures (Due to the advent of 8K…) Well the Witcher 3 with this mod installed looks absolutely amazing I can tell you that and if you have a pc that is able to run it then I definitely recommend installing this mod.

5. Additional Stash Locations

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Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 11

In the vanilla version of the game your stash is accessible from few locations on the map, it can be convenient at times but it can also be a real pain as sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough locations. Well, this mod solves this problem by adding an additional 8 locations to the world where you can access your stash.

Not only does this mod add new locations it also relocates the previous vanilla locations to make them, even more, convenience to you! This is an amazing mod and it’s extremely useful if you’re using mods that alter carry weight such as realism as you may need to stash things more frequently than you would in the vanilla game.

6. Over 9000 Carry Weight

Over 9000 Carry Weight Mod
Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 12

Anyone else loves a good open-world RPG? Yeah well so do I! There is nothing better than sprawling through dungeons and camps, trough the forest to encounter new and mythical enemies/ creatures. I enjoy the feeling of immersing myself in the story. My character is always going to be a hoarder as I have some serious issues with discarding just about anything that may hold even the slightest bit of significance within an RPG game.

In Witcher 3 just like many other open-world RPG games, this can become a huge problem really fast. There is nothing worse in my opinion than finally finding a quest item or even just a really rare item and then when you go to pick it up you become over-encumbered. You’re now unable to run and you are just about ready to lose it.

All of your inventory is precious, so what do you do? You can’t possibly walk about extremely slow and go stash your items. You will have to choose something to discard! Well with the, ‘Over 9000 Carry Weight’ mod you will no longer have to discard your items as you will be able to carry just about anything.

7. Debug Console Enabler

Maxresdefault 2
Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 13

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a great game, but it can be made even greater with the debug console. The debug console is a window in the game that commands are typed into. Commands can spawn items, change the look of your character, give you buffs, and activate hundreds of other ways to customize your character and the world around it. 

If you want to spawn in certain things then this mod is definitely something you should consider downloading, if you’re still wanting more information about this amazing mod then you should watch the video that we have embedded below.

8. High-Quality Faces

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Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 14

Ever go back to play one of your favourite games from a few years prior and something just feels off? Well, that happens to a lot of us and it’s inevitable. Older games will look more dated in time as we become spoiled by modern technology that is video game graphics.

Well, Witcher 3 is no exception to this and although as I mentioned earlier it still does hold up in the modern-day in a lot of aspects, the faces of the characters could do with some touch-ups.

Well, that is where this mod comes in, the high quality faces mod makes the texture of NPC’s faces more detailed and sharper. This makes them look just a little bit more realistic.

9. Real Economy

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Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 15

A full overhaul of the Witcher 3 economy mechanics. Fully customizable through in-game menus, it adds location-specific pricing, regional market volatility, merchant interest in items, merchant funds customization, merchant daily re-funding, upgrades/repair/dismantle pricing, and more.

  • Fully customizable through in-game menus. Every modifier can be tweaked so the economy works however you think it should.
  • Mod can be enabled/disabled with a in-game menu on/off switch anytime. Does not alter saved games, so may be installed at anytime.
  • Set global Purchase and Sale Modifiers. These apply to all transactions universally.
  • Set regional Purchase and Sale Modifiers. White Orchard’s local economy is different to that of Novigrad, or Skellige.
  • Set regional Market Volatility rates. Set a random percentage range that prices will fluctuate by in a given region.
  • Set Merchant Fund parameters, and how often they refresh their balance. Merchants refresh their funds incrementally day-by-day.
  • Merchants Liquidity Modifiers alter prices depending on Merchant’s available funds. 
  • Optionally limit merchants to purchases only in their own sector. Crafters for crafting goods, alchemists for alchemy goods, etc.
  • Optionally set Merchant Purchase Interest by product type and merchant sector.
  • Optionally set Merchant Rarity Purchase Modifier for items. Legendary and precious items fetch a price premium.
  • Price modifiers based on Item Quality. Common/Master/Magic/Relic/Witcher
  • Set Upgrade/Dismantle/Removal prices. Minimum price and per item modifiers.

10. Netflix Armour Set

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Top 10 Awesome Mods For The Witcher 3 16

If you’re like the rest of the world right now then you’ve probably just finished watching the brand new Netflix series that is based on The Witcher universe. Henry Cavill gave off an amazing performance as Geralt.

Well, you may have noticed that the armour that Henry was rocking a completely new armour set, well it looked similar to the ones in the novels and pretty similar to the one in the game but it was actually unique.

Well with this amazing mod you can now wear it and look like Henry, this mod would actually go amazing with the mod that transforms Geralt into Henry.

As a side note: You will need to download the Nexus Mod Manager or the more recent version of the Vortex mod manager to install and use these mods. You can do that by pressing the link here.

What did you think of todays list? Do you agree with me, do you sue any of these mods yourself and have I missed anything that you feel is an essential part of your load order? Well then let me know in the comments below as feedback is always appreciated!

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