Top 5 Amazing Skyrim Mods: November 2019

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Skyrim mod list

Finally, we’re back with a new and updated Skyrim mod list for November 2019. Yes, that’s right! Sit back, relax and read our all new list. We have some new entries for you this time round that last time we didn’t get a chance to showcase! If you’re a fan of these list style articles then leave a comment down below and let us know what game you would like us to do next.

Just like last time you will find the download link to each mod in their description. Download links will be for Oldrim and Special Edition, depending on the version that is available per mod.

If you haven’t managed to read our previous list then you can check it out here

1. A Quality World Map

A Quality World Map
A Quality World Map

Doing what it says on the tin; A Quality World Map boosts the level of detail on Skyrim’s map. Whether it be subtle or a huge visual boost you can bet that this mod has it all. Drawing or realistic roads and giving the open plains that touch of love and care that it needed by addind brush.

This is definetley one of them mods that needs your attention. After all there’s a reason that it’s just so dam popular! You spend an overwheilming amount of time in game browsing the map and gawking at your destination. So, why not treat yourself and at least make that experience just a tad bit better?

2. 2K Textures

2K Textures
2K Textures

Despite the misleading name, 2K Textures actually provides textures with a resolution of up to 4K for players. That’s amazingly 8x the original resolution of the vanilla game! This mod sells itself and really I can’t tell you how much you need to have this in your load order for a decent playthrough. Fast travelling is all too common in this game and in my opinion it’s due to the mundane boring wilderness that plagues vanilla Skyrim. Well with 2K Textures you can enjoy a stunning game with high amounts of detail that makes you want to walk from Windhelm to Solitude!

Not only is this mod absolutely beautiful, when paired with a decent ENB or even with static mesh improvments mod it will make the game look better than some releases of 2019. With a computer that is beefy enough to crank out them extra frames in a high resolution your Elder Scrolls cravings will be satisfied till Tod Howard eventually graces the world with  TES: 6. Until then we hope that you can enjoy a modern looking Skyrim.

3. Interesting NPC’s

Interesting Npc'S
Interesting NPC’s

We all have to admit that Skyrim’s NPCs can get annoying, boring and predictable at times and that makes for uninteresting conversation that seems like more of a chore than an enjoyable aspect of such a vast RPG. Well Interesting NPCs aims to tackle that problem entirely.

Aren’t we all sick of bumping into ‘bandit’ or ‘farmer’? Do you wish that every single person that you encounter in the chilly province had a name and an interesting back story that you could just dive right into? Well this is the mod for you. Using over 80 voice actors everyone you run into or have a rundown with in Skyrim now has a name and an extended dialogue tree that you can take advantage of. Offering complete new quests and even some gossip from characters that would otherwise be mute. This mod truly is amazing and brings the world around you to life.

4. Better Combat AI

Better Combat Ai
Better Combat AI

Don’t we all hate combat at times in Skyrim? That feeling of NPCs mindlessly running at you in hordes swinging and flailing about mindlessly hoping to catch you in the throat with their daedric dagger. In fact the system is so broken that sometimes the only viable build is a sneak archer. (Don’t lie we’ve all been there…). Well If you’re absolutely sick of fighting headless chickens then Better Combat AI may be the mod that you’ve been searching for.

Whilst this mod can’t fix the fundamentally clunkiness of Skyrims sword and dagger combat what it can do is fix the tacitcal side of our enemies. No more will enemies risk their lives like they have 8 more! When you pick a fight with someone or inevtiably get a bounty against you. Your opponent will take a more tactical stance on your battle treating it with the life or detah stance that they should.

Also, in a clever fashion not all enemies are equal! From bandits to old angry citizens within the walls of the cities will all have their own intelligence level and try to anialate you in different ways. So be careful out their dragonborn!

5. Cloaks of Skyrim

Cloaks Of Skyrim
Cloaks of Skyrim

Everbody loves a cloak right? They’re amazing; they make you look epic as you gallop into battle on the back of your mount. Swooshing in the wind and making you appear like someone who is important. Not only that but they add depth in the sense of a uniform. How scary would the Stormcloaks look ambushing an imperial garrison out of the trees with coaks on their back? Yeah you can picture just how much of a great sight that would be to stumble upon when navigating through the rift.

Well here’s a mod that will quench your thirst for warrior like capes, called ‘Cloaks of Skyrim’. The mod adds depth to the NPCs and not just you by allowiung them to wear cloaks as well and it truly does make them look just that bit better. 

You will first need to find a book in the wilderness to be able to craft the cloaks and you are able to wear them over existing armour sets. If you ask me this is what your load order has been missing for all this time.

How to install mods for Skyrim

How to install mods for Skyrim

Here’s a quick YouTube video for anyone that is unaware on how to actually install mods for Skyrim. This is an updated video and explains how it’s possible to use the Vortex mod manager which is an predecessor to the Nexus mod manager that many of you may be used to.

It’s a really quick video and is easy to follow along, so give it a watch and you might learn something new!

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