Skyrim mods that you should be using in 2019!

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In this article I will be talking about my all time favourite mods for Skyrim legacy and Skyrim special edition. I will be linking to the Oldrim Nexus and the Special Edition Nexus so you can download them for yourself!

A Dragon In Tesv: Skyrim
A Dovah resting upon Bleak Falls Barrow, west of Riverwood.

Playing Skyrim in 2019? Nearly a decade after the games initial release? Well you’re not the only one! Skyrim still boasts a sizeable active player base to this day, mainly due to the vast library of downloadable mods the game can support.

Want to make Skyrim look like it was released last week? The modding community has you covered, wanting to take flight like the part dovah – part man that you are? Guess what? The modding community has you covered!

No matter what type of player you are, the immersed role player or the merciless, bloodthirsty assassin, there’s a mod to your taste available on the Nexus.

So let’s get on with it, here are 5 mods for Skyrim that you should be using in 2019!



If you’re not using this mod in 2019, you’re missing out! SkyUI makes browsing through Skyrims awful interface a pleasant and efficient experience. No longer will you accidentally consume the wrong potion in the mist of battle and suffer the consequence.

A Visual Example Of How Skyui Effects The Gui Of Skyrim.
A visual example of how SkyUI effects the GUI of Skyrim.

So, what is SkyUI? SkyUI is a interface mod for Skyrim. This mod changes how you browse through your inventory and spells. It adds features such as a search bar. Now you can find your sweet roll instantly!

Another reason this mod is so highly rated is due to its sorting features. You can sort your items by type, specific stat, stolen, enchanted or even poisoned items.
This makes hot swapping your items a breeze instead of a clunky waste of time.

This mod is designed to better the GUI for keyboard and mouse players, it doesn’t accommodate for console players quite as well however.

Open Cities

2482547 Opencities
Open Cities

When starting a modded play through, at the top of my load order is always Open Cities. This is one of the most immersive mods available on the Nexus. Have you ever felt like loading screens break immersion too often? You’re chasing a dark brotherhood assassin through the streets of the trade hub city of Whiterun and you get to the cities gates. Then you’re hit with an obnoxious load screen.

Well you’re in luck! Open Cities aims to solve this problem by removing all of the loading screens for the hold capitals.

8058 1 1360229703
A visual example of Open Cities.

Why is this an amazing feature? Well next time you get into a brawl with a group of bandits, or a fierce frenzy with a blood dragon you will no longer be able to use the walls of a city as a safety blanket!

When retreating to a city your enemy will now follow you and attack anyone in the vicinity. This should be used wisely as any non essential npc’s will be in danger of dying. The upside to this feature is that city guards will now join the fight against dragons.

Natural View Tamriel – ENB

Maxresdefault 1
Natural View Tamriel – ENB

Have you always wanted your Skyrim to get a flash new look? Lighting that looks so next gen that it puts the games of 2019 to shame? Well that’s where ‘ENBs’ come in. Whats is ENB and what does it accomplish? Skyrim talks to a piece of software called “Direct3D” which renders their graphics for them. Direct3D is part of Windows. ENB replaces the Direct3D component with a custom version that supports advanced graphics that Skyrim usually wouldn’t utilise.

So now that we know what an ENB does, what does Natural View Tamriel do? Well it’s an ENB so it revamps the graphics of your game to make it look like it was made in the year 2050.

There are so many ENBs why should I choose Natural View Tamriel? Well good question! My explanation is most ENBs overly saturate the look of your game and tint the colour palette of the tundra surrounding the cities. If this is your preference then by all means use another. If you’re like me however you appreciate the more natural and none overly saturated ENBs that add a subtle, yet noticeable effect to your experience.

Natural View Tamriel- Visual Example.
A visual example of Natural View Tamriel.

As you can see in the image above, Natural View Tamriel complements the already existing colour palette of Skyrim, the homeland of the Nord looks as cold as you would expect. The Rift looks as vibrant and as full of life as it is described in lore.

ENB’s are a little bit more difficult than normal mods to install as you will need to install a seperate file from another site. Watch the video below by ‘ESO’ on YouTube. He explains how to install said ENBs.

WSCO – Skyrim Overhaul

Wsco - Skyrim Character Overhaull
WSCO – Skyrim Character Overhaull

Tired of your Skyrim characters looking like they’re fresh out of Roblox? So is everyone else including the creator of this amazing mod! WSCO (Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaull) makes the textures of NPC’s and the Dragonborn more detailed and realistic without making an overexposed anime character.

This mod is essential in any playthrough, characters that look real don’t break the immersion and make the land of Skyrim feel alive and populated. Want a breakdown of the features that this mod offers?

High-res textures that are performance friendly! This mod is not taxing on your system so just about anyone should have no issues. It revamps the Dawnguard DLC textures, that’s right high-res vampires. What more could you want? Recoloured skin tones for more realistic lighting effects and the kicker is that it’s all lore friendly.

A visual example of WSCO.

So that wraps up this list! Hope that you can make use of these mods in your load order as they’re some of the best out there both graphically and in a gameplay aspect. If you have any suggestions to add to this list then feel free to leave a comment down below!

If you’re interested in playing Skyrim but don’t have a PC yet then check out our store by pressing the button below!

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